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Saturday, June 10, 2006

TROPICAL DEPRESSION ONE.. forms as expected

Tropical Depression ONE has formed somewhere close to the Yucatan. Official cords are currently (9 pm) 21.8 85.7. Winds 35 mph.

There is considerable discussion on boards and in chat rooms on where exactly the center is or more so..where the center might be reforming.

Truth is developing systems in not great conditions have multiple swirls that can (and often do) become a new center.

For now it is a Depression in search of a name. Until it gets one it is merely a depression that is depressing many in Hurricane Country.

Depression ONE is in fact... Reality Biting.

Cuba meanwhile is getting soaked and with or without a name this season is starting off as a messy one in Western Cuba.

Key West will get rain. I wanted to go down this Sunday but put it off before hearing of the storm. Maybe next week.

Either way, if the center shifts positions it will change the whole set up of the models as it relates to both timing and path. For that matter it would change intensity even.

We had a distant rain band from the mass of weather associated with TD1 earlier today.

Shabbos was wonderful. Nice. Youngest two kids home and their older brother and his fiance here for dinner last night. The house is very calm (all things considered) relaxing and enjoyable. Those of you who know me know what I am talking about. Trying to keep this topically tropical at the moment.

So.. it starts. It begins.

Whether this develops into a tropical storm or doesn't... the 2006 Hurricane Season has officially started.

Shear coming from an upper level low to it's West and a Trof supposed to come down and lift it and... this is classic, textbook June in the Caribbean.

Some reporter is in Key West doing a segment on the news. Oh, how I wish I was there.

Anyway... going to go read and a bit and check out myspace to read my messages from Shuky who is tracking in Israel I am sure.

Another really good site is from some onling tracker types.. excellent site.

I have to find the site from the Keynoter I like.

What did I do Shabbos.. besides think on June Systems (Alma)?

I read part of a book from 1980 on Evita, really great book on social history of Argentina and that period. Looked through various magazines and read the Miami Herald. Read most of the Perricone Diet book and thought how smart it is, how much sense it made and wondering how I would afford all those high price tag ingredients but good diet. Logical thinking. And, wondered why I haven't bought AA batteries yet.

Over and out, for now... waiting to see the next advisory and read the discussion to see what they really think is going on inside Tropical Depression ONE.

Oh..and the word for weather in Russian sounds like the english word Pagoda. I don't have the Russian fonts or I'd type it here.

Welcome to the Season, ready or not.. it's here.


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