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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Summer Sunday

A slow day in the tropics. One of my favorite tropical friends is away crusing around the Yucatan.

My youngest son is at his older brother's for Father's Day. My youngest daughter used that as a chance to spend some quality alone time with Mommy. Barnes and Noble and dinner at the Pita Place afterwards. She treated.

My close friend Z came to visit with her baby Avi. So cute. So darling. Oh my goodness. Oh my gosh.. Holding a baby in my arms again.

Somehow I feel like that baby is almost mine. Like one of my sisters or daughters had a baby. Not like usually when I don't feel I could grab a baby and bounce him around but Avi Baruch... was mine for the grabbing. Sweet baby. Like his mommy. Vocal too! So good to see Zelaya, so wonderful. Hope she gets the hell out of Georgia and back home here. I'm selfish today.. tough luck.

And... am going to rest... going to relax...going to write and think and okay not rest and relax.

My life is so nuts. Taking all sorts of chances these days. Did something this morning I can't believe I did.

And, that is that.

A lot of drama I am not going into as it does not relate to the tropics and this time of year..

We try to stay topical on the tropical.

Oh..well I did read a few articles in peer reviewed journals on debates between various meteorologists over Shabbos. Anyone who knows me knows ...where I stand and with whom. The debate goes on. The jury is out.

Stay tuned.. Bobbi


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