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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Nothing Tropical Going On BUT Lots of Weather

Even though this coastal low did not form into the 2nd named storm of the year it is causing a ton of weather. Watches and warnings are posted everywhere.

It is making a very bad situation much worse.

They really don't know how lucky they are because if this storm had stayed off shore just a little longer, developed a little further south off the coast of Florida into a real hurricane and followed this same path with just a slight deviation it would have been the first big hurricane in a long time to slam into those Coastal regions.

After years of hearing about this year possibly spawning a Hazel sort of storm I am beginning to believe this *might* be the year that the Atlantic Coast north of the Carolinas gets a hard hit.

Everywhere from Maryland to New England is overdue for some "coastal cruisers" not crusing by but picking the best spot for landfall.

A real old honest hurricane hitting Cape May and not Cape Fear wouldn't be pretty. How about the Potomac River or Atlantic City and the whole Philadelphia area getting hurricane force winds not just flooding and "Strong winds" and what would a storm stalled off the coast pushing winds and WAVES north towards the Long Island shore to and instead of it quickly flying like a bullet off to the ENE and only giving Long Island some nice breakers to watch.

Could this be the year the Mid-Atlantic to the New England area gets a hurricane of it's own to remember?

Time is running out in the "time will tell" scenario but I think this No Name Storm will leave a lot of forecasters up there worried about what this summer might bring.

And, as for Joe Bastardi... it may be fun to make fun of him but we all watch him and you never know when he will get it right and in this case right big time because if they do get hit .. he called it early on.

If not....oh Joe... we still love you for your football predictions.

As for me.......
I'm going to work. 3 mores days. Oh my .. lions and tigers and bears.. oh my.

Don't start with me today, you know that song.. "aint no one gonna bring me down, oh no.. "

Got a lot on my mind currently and it isn't all weather or the Redsox.

But........... they did win yesterday?
Try a victory dance next time, not a victory walk.

Dancing is always better ;)

Over and out.. Bobbi


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