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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Is Alberta Tracking NE? Recon and trackers wondering

Seems to me that so far Alberto hasn't followed the game plan and I think it may move more NE or even ENE in the near future rather than the path up to the Florida Panhandle.

Every passing hour I think this is Tampa's storm to deal with.. at least as a rain maker but even a mild TS can be a real wake up call. Tampa or just north of Tampa.

So far the way I see it there is strong high pressure and dry air to the west of the storm.. and to the NW of the storm... the ongoing rains to the east of the storm have created a weakness and a possible path back towards Florida as rains associated with Alberto are creating a path of lower pressures for the storm to follow.

Could happen.. it's a weak system. Anything can tip the scales in such a set up.. even rains from Alberto.


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