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Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Heat Won! redsox lost Life Goes On

Well.. the Heat won. The series is tied up.

Redsox lost.. hard game to watch. I could hear my son Zalmy rooting for them in the living room.. one out left and he hoped they would tie the game. Sigh. Yeah, I know. Protect your heart. Protect your heart. Sage advice if I was able to locate the sage better I might listen.

I'm not good at protecing the heart. As a cute Ojibwe guy once told me. You wear your heart on your sleeve. Sweet, observant man.

A wave in the Caribbean but it's not yet worth writing home about. I do think it has a chance to blow up a bit in 2 days time. Another wave nearing the islands still has skeletal structure to it and possibilities.

I read a lot. I learned a little tonight. Both on and off line.

I have something I want to read that an old friend wrote and need my brain for processing. My brain is mush tonight. Mushy mushy.

I should go to sleep.

Again I don't listen well to the sage of "protect your heart" (giggling)

Going to go to bed.

Not going to obsess or write a redundantly long post.

When hurricanes form globally in all basins in the same year I will take global warming more seriously. This is not to say I don't believe we aren't doing damage to the enviroment. I just think there is more to weather than meets the eye. More to Climate than one or two decades.

More to weather people than just dancing in the rain. And, people at the NHC do more than twiddle their thumbs and tap their keyboards. What exactly? I wouldn't speculate. But everyone needs some down time occaisionally, in a few weeks they won't be able to remember what their name is or what shirt they are wearing.



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