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Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday - Fast and Furiuosly

I don't have much time and have to get dressed and out of here fast.

So... here goes

First off. Real post. Real reason for posting today as Beryl is nowhere to be seen and Chris is (smiling) obviously tapping fingers on a keyboard somewhere according to Jim. Maybe that will stir up the tropics knowing Chris is ready and waiting to go down in infamy or rather history.

Someone on HurricaneCity made a very nice site and put in a lot of work on keeping track of all of us (which is no easy job) and they have a Random Thoughts place on their website.

So true what they say, so true.
History repeats itself always, just the way it works.
If something has happened.. it will most likely happen again.
If something happens once...for the first time..suddenly it happens again soon.
Some whole conspiracy theory on time and events, synchronicity and butterfly wings

Truth is... IF Alberto hadn't battled shear it might have come in as a much stronger system and taken an area unaware.

Hurricane Opal is one of those storms everyone almost forgot because while people everywhere were debating on whether or not OJ would be found guilty or not...Opal was exploding in the NW Gulf of Mexico at a time late in the year when most people move on and stop worrying on hurricanes. Infact, I would venture to say many didn't even know it hit because they were far away and fixated on OJ.

After 911 a hurricane hit. I talked about this the other day with Hurric or rather he talked to me. I was tired from work and the heat. He was right..very right. Sort of the storm that time forgot.

Anyway, back to Tampa Bay.. they are right.

Why do we build at the water's edge when we know a Cat 5 can come and slam our world?

I say because we are mesmerized by the ocean, the water, the tides, the colors but to think a hurricane will go around us because we have bought a home or built a multi-million dollar tower there.. wrong.

My great uncle bought 3 lots on Anna Marie island and it is no more than a sand spit, sliver of land that now has beautiful homes and high priced property on it. One day it will be easily washed over in a hurricane. And, people think I am crazy for wanting to live in Key West. Okay.. when he was young, said Great uncle lived in Key West during the height of the cigar boom..1880s. Boy, what he saw and who he met. I wonder if he ever met Francisco.. I wonder a lot on the past but it was far away and a different lifetime. Not my lifetime.

Anyway, where I was...

Tampa Bay... so ready and ripe for the picking as hurricanes go..

As for me here

a) lol jeff wrote back. nice, old friend who i had wondered where he had gone to
b) i have to go shopping for dinner tonight and tomorrow, simple shabbos fare
c) i have to do so many things, yawn.. dont want to
d) do i keep the new sexy platform heeled sandals or not?
e) who is eating here tonight, do i know
f) i need to order the phone before this one dies
g) i have to wake Mendy... correction I did wake Mendy
h) i have to go to key west.. would love to sunday but think i will on a weekday
i) remember to take everything i take and get out of here
j) jim.. jim.. am sure i was supposed to get back to jim. Oh... yes, the notes from the 50th Anniversary from Hurricane Research and D..

oh regarding J..
I watched that CD from their Reunion the other day, really watched it as opposed to just flipping through it. Awesome.

Unreal awesome. I should post on it while it is slow.

The most amazing collection of photos of old storms, old planes that went into storms, people who tracked and flew into storms.. like watching history come alive before your eyes.

Gray, Sheets and Frank back in the early 60s and earlier.

Let me tell you..Neil Frank was one very handsome man in 1960. Young man.

And... some of the more recent photos of some of the more recent guys were great too.

Funny collection of shots of everyone asleep.. while the plane was flying, driving to the plane, etc... cute. People have a real sense of humor and real heart at the Hurricane Center. Real people doing real things that they love and are dedicated to..

And, an amazing Ode of Love to Joanne Simpson and her work over the years.. her life should be made into a movie, it's so inspirational.

YIKES.. I have to get out of here.

Late, late, late for what's left of my work week.

Anyone reading this.. check out Fire's site


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