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Monday, June 12, 2006

Alberto Close to Hurricane Strength

Alberto moves rapidly towards the West Florida Coast.

Possibly coming in on the low side of the cone and stronger than expected by many.

Possibly and that will be confirmed by the 8pm update that will have the new information from the Recon planes that are now in the storm.

This is one of those storms that if you ask 7 people you get 9 opinons.

The message boards all insist he is:
losing his center
not going over warm enough water to intensify much
going to intensify due to catching the trof and moving with the front (trof)
finding a new center closer to Tampa
on track with NHC projection
far to the south of NHC projection
falling apart
about to become a hurricane

Time will tell as Jimmy sings and time will tell sooner rather than later as he is moving towards the coast now.

For my part.. looks to me it is going more ENE than NE.. even at times north of East but it could be an illusion.

Will see.. either way, he is one heck of a start.

Note: If he comes in lower there will be more rain across a wider area and a stronger chance of Tornadoes over the Florida peninsular. Especially if you look at the long tail that is developing that will feed moisture up throughout Florida from the SW to NE which is an indicator of possible twister activities.

Hang on.. it's going to a bumpy ride and still think this storm could become a hurricane before landfall. Will see..


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