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Saturday, June 10, 2006

11PM NHC Sticks to the Game Plan

And, they are the best players in town.

The 11pm sticks with the original center (despite the chatter in other places on a different center forming possibly to the south) and has TD ONE at 23.4 86.2.

Notes that there is strong weather in a few bands and Cuba is getting pounded.

Love this.. I do. Just so much mental work that goes on in tracking and discussing.

My son sent me a message on showing me a track from Floyd. Similar but different time of year. That was October. This is June. But, similar in location and intensity. From Israel... with love, tracking together.

And, I write this knowing that I have a blue tarp on my roof and jalousie windows suddenly and I still need AA batteries but well...this is my world, welcome to it. At least from June through way past September.

Going to check out the city and I'll post tomorrow morning when the sun comes up over the visible sats and a new day has begun.



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