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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Packed Sunday

No Green Bay Packers but... a whole lot of Super packed into this Sunday.

First... had to go to a funeral for one of my co-workers who lost her mother. Stopped at the house, made a shiva call... thought a lot on life and people.. lives... time. Nice to hear things about her mother that I didn't know and reflected on how others live.. and die..and live until they die.

Came home in time to go shopping for my crew at Publix.. big condiment shopping. Kids now have enough dijon honey mustard, mayo, ketchup and Pam stuff to get through the week. We really don't eat food... just spread condiments over stuff, roast it... bake it or pretend its condiment sushi... sprinkle the edges with bacos or roe and call it a fancy name. Seriously.. I splurged, bought honey peanut butter and three different types of Kozy Shak no sugar puddings. A horrible thing happened.. predictable but horrible... there is no more vanilla cool whip. It is now seasonally strawberry for Valentines Day I suppose. I'll have to eat tapioca with strawberry.. I can do this. Not the same.. liked the chocolate cool whip. Oh well.. I'll survive.

Took two of the kids to my brother's house where my sister-in-law made a kick ass little buffett. Hot Dogs... Taco chips, Guacamole, Salsa, baked beans, corn/bean salad. Was good. Apple Turnovers.. not bad. Very nice. Fun to watch the boys with my brother.. and their cousin. And, the dog.. the big, fat, big, fat, big, fat basset hound...

Shabbos was nice.. spent a lot of time in shul with a friend who was in town for a few weeks and with Malka. Nice. Poured, we were all stuck in shul for hours during the farbregen kiddish, was like being on the Ark or something. My friend's husband is an awesome speaker. Said we are like jewels.. gems.. diamonds.. and a good setting is what shows off the jewel the best. We always shine but in the right setting... we shine more. Important where we live, who we surround ourselves with and how we live... how we lead our lives is the setting... And, it's true... in ways so true. Make the most of your life... how you live it.. who you live it with and what you do.. sparkle like the brightest diamond or star shining in the night sky...

And.................going to go home and listen to Drudge obsess .. if I don't fall asleep.

Busy Sunday... first time in my life I have ever rooted for Steelers to win a Super Bowl.. go figure on that one.

Busy week coming up.. meetings with kids teachers, Yud Shevat with Rabbi Feller, 2..2... count em 2 chasenas..weddings on Miami Beach. How much can you pack into one week and then..the following week... Wicked :)

Super Sunday in Detroit.. rockers rocking on and reading emails from friends with little tid bits of inspiration from the oddest places.. like manna from heaven.. kinda sorta..

Bobbi... hoping all my friends have a good week and for whoever voted for my son's podcast.. will know this week if Jerusalem Post counts it as #1. Stay tuned.

Oh............and a cold front came through... brrr. Oh..and to a special someone, out there somewhere... my daughter Shay... is not feeling well.. high fever, sick... sad I am not there to take care of her... please pray she gets better soon :) I know how some people round here love Shay so... so hoping you keep a good thought for her in your heart. :^) !!


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