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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Zeta Hangs On .... moving South for the Winter

Seems that Zeta is a snowbird...heading SW for the winter and warmer water temps in a kick ass all out race to survive.

This storm's theme song should be the song from Against All Odds.

It's tenacity or denial to deal with reality should be admired by crazy people everywhere who refuse to accept reality and move on with the Calendar Year.

You know those people who leave a small pumpkin on the kitchen window sill way after Halloween, on past Thanksgiving and can't bring themselves to take it down even after Chanukah and the New Year...

You know those people who just can't put their Christmas Tree away even after most the decorations have been packed carefully away...

You know those people who can't bring themselves to pack up their Red Sox jerseys and wear their football jerseys... even when the team goes into hibernation and is being pulled apart like baseball teams are these days's not over til it's over people.

Well, this morning.... as cool air filtered through my bedroom windows and I took out a warm skirt to wear to work unlike my usual silky skirts and wondered how cold it will go tonight... I turned on the weather radio to hear the temps the old fashioned, old school way and ... first thing I hear while reaching for a sweater top is... "Tropical Storm Zeta, Advisory..."

And, I giggle... and then I coughed because my winter cold is gone but the cough has remained and I thought, while giggling and coughing.. "THIS IS RIDICULOUS"

So...I'm crying Uncle, no not Uncle Bob but ... Uncle Zeta and posting a bit because it seems the Hurricane Season is not yet over... not if Zeta has anything to say about it.

Heard the guys at the NHC are getting tired of writing out of season...

But..... as for us hard edge hurricane fanatics... we keep receiving advisories, we smile, we shake our head at the absurdity of it all and keep on tracking.

Provides a nice counternote to more sad, depressing stories like the minors and the pathetic that story played out ... knowing the miners had found safety for a while yet no one found them in time.

Time... a heavy issue... an important element in life.

It either plays for you or against you... time doesn't stand still, for no man or woman.

Then again..we haven't established yet what sex Zeta is... Zeta is a piece of a puzzle that refuses to end. Watch and enjoy... despite all the outcry over Global Warming and Future 365 day a year hurricane seasons I doubt we will see a Zeta in January again any time soon..

But what do I know?

I'll take that pumpkin off the kitchen counter when I am good and ready :)

Bobbi, go Red Sox... and Dolphins...
Dolphins have the longest winning streak of any team in the Leaque right now yet they didn't win the games when they needed to... again... it's all in the timing...


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