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Monday, January 23, 2006

Winter in Miami... Pictures of Crown Heights

Birds chirping, flowers blooming again on broken branches... blue skies, tourists with germs everywhere.. coughing, sneezing... making all of us sick...

Yeah... I'm sick. Very sick. Home today half day. My 102 fever broke around 6am and I felt well enough to go into work to do the morning shift on the desk which was good because 2 people were in the emergency room with various ailments, two other people called in with the flu and there was no one else there but me. adult services. My daughter Shayna HATES when I use that phrase... adult.. not childrens room.. you get it right?

So... still no fever... but feel so sick.

Watching One Life to Live and General Hospital and talking to my daughter Dee about her playpen friends she still hangs with years later...

Chabad...such a small world. You can go to Austraila, Israel or China and back and still hang with your friends like nothing ever changed.

Like Fruma and I ... there we were in Long Beach and she was moving to Pittsburgh and felt like I would never see her again... years later we live around the corner in Miami.. together again. Then again I wish I could get to Vegas and see two of my old best friends... money, money.. I need money. Money to travel and go see my kids... my best friend in Maine... to wander up and down Kingston Avenue and go in Judaica and buy things... seforim (books), pictures... maybe something special... I have a list if anyone wants to see it..

So.... a small joy of doing nothing but watching soaps... (which I do like once every six months) and talking to my daughter on IM.. sucking on a honey cough drop.... drinking peach tea with honey and ... watching this video spread over and over cause its beautiful...

Oh... I get it...she's trying to get me to pay for her to read some email that someone sent her on Mit Mazel... cute... knew there was a punchline to this story about Goldblatts and Greenspans and Dees lol...

Okay..I'm going to go check my temperature, see if I want to put out money for my daughter's account... she spent hers on Venice... figures...

How bout this... someone send me a ticket to NY to see my kids, walk up and down Kingston, go see Mrs. G... daven a bit in 770.... see my daughter in Philly who can come in... oh and give me a gift card at Judaica and..... I want a bagel with coffee... vegetable spread, and just sit and watch the world go by on Kingston.

Then.........I'll fly back south to Miami.. figure there should be a table... everyone else from NY is in Miami on Winter Vacation.

Got to run.. Zalmy's home asking about the cake that Mendy made earlier just to have in case anyone was hungry...............

chow for now.. cough cough Bobbi


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