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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Tulane University Re-Opens

A new term is beginning at Tulane University. And, this particular Winter Term is historic in scope and will be remembered forever as the year Tulane went on.. after picking up the pieces and moved on after Wilma.

For New Orleans, their future will always be an "After Wilma" issue. Indeed in some areas, any future will depend in some neighborhoods on how many came back, how many rebuilt and how it was rebuilt. So far the local government has given the home owners a mere 4 months to get back on track and home. Does that mean home owners or renters... am wondering because so much of that property is owned I am sure and rented out at low income rates and ... how is that decided, either way life must go on damn soon in Nola or it won't go on the way it did.

Is that right or wrong?

If you are a homeowner who has lived there most of your life, struggled to keep the mortgage paid, the taxes covered and called it your home.. you are outraged. If you are some selfish person living in some other area far away you want to know why your dollars should pay for people living below sea level. What goes around comes around and you could be complaining about New Orleans in some town in Alaska that months from now complains that the Government should rebuild your town after a volcano. IF La Palma goes and that mythological often predicted tidal wave occurs and knocks out the East Coast... there won't be any money left anywhere to rebuild New Orleans let alone Miami, Charleston, Washington or New York City let alone Boston.

So... time will tell what happens in New Orleans but this week...the University that is it's most shiniest educational gem re-opens.

Link to the University's website is below. I've always felt it's best to go to the source, of course, for the real news...the real story so... read it for yourself here.

Either way...we are indeed ...moving on... After Wilma...


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