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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Surfers Down Under Try to Surf Clare.. beautiful day in Miami

Beautiful day... really, really, really beautiful day.

I felt sick... called in sick... going in late, very late... watching the Turkey Hawks circle high in the sky in the breeze.

A butterfly... black and purple, flew into my bedroom through the window that is wide open. A big one... watched him fly about the room.. into the bathroom. Worried it would get hurt, stuck... wondering on how to get it out. The butterfly flew out of the bathroom, circled the room once and then flew back across the room and right out the window. Never saw anything like that happen ever. All the other windows have screens... just the one he flew in through didn't. Beautiful... really beautiful.

Going to finish watching the Soap Opera that I haven't watched in at least a year... read the article about the Gulf Stream possibly dying or... well...doing what it did in that movie and go into ye olde library.

Refreshed, wiser, more relaxed and beautifully inspired.

And...down under... surfers flirted with waves from Clare...something they share with surfers in Miami... in LA... and way down in Mexico.

Surfers will be surfers... on the wave or the web.

Bobbi :)


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