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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Marking Time

Marking time here.... I do that sometimes. Not much to say... except I really do love my kids very much. They are a great bunch of high energy kids...with dynamic personalities, tremendous loyalty to each other (and their close friends) and they constantly amaze me... like watching a kaliedscope, twisting, turning, rearranging into amazing images.


Hits me lately how there is no end to the things you can do to try and help people... and yet sometimes you just don't know where to start. Know a few people who need help... just people I have met at the library and ... they haven't been able to put their lives back together since the hurricane in ways. I know myself because I have yet to catch up financially where I was before.. I have been running one utility bill behind since then... there is no cushion. Thankfully... it will be okay and I have low needs... however lately a great need is I wish I could travel more. Specifically.... Philly, NY... Boston... and back ... My kids and best friends... grandchild.


Hamas won overwhelmingly in the election in the Mid-East... Heard Bush say something about a vote against the status quo and corrupt financial practices of the other party and he sounded even he couldn't believe he had to find some sort of sound bite for this one... Better luck tomorrow Condi trying to put a good spin on something that should have come as no shock in the world to you... Hamas has been running the show for years... What a joke... yeah, democracy bites sometimes doesn't it?


I want to see the Johnny Cash movie... I need time and money...

I want to do a lot of things. Putting together a wish list for what I want... breaking it down.

Yud Shvat... Purim... Breaking my life down into weeks.. months... no more of "this minute" and planning out things...


Sometimes you sit down... look at your life and decide what you want.. what you can't live with or without and sometimes you have to... like Bush didn't get a vote in the Hamas elections... sometimes for some unknown reason we don't get a vote... hurts, aches... kick the ache in the head from where it came and ... keep going...

Make a plan... leave open an option.... a back door... and move on..

Only one back door in my life I suppose I would ever try and take... otherwise... its onward, march, march.. march.


I didn't watch Smallville tonight. Nope.. I don't watch Smallville at all... ever...anymore.

Kids did... I didn't need ... Knew who would die in tonight's episode... his father... wasn't a doubt in my mind. It's not the real world... but our world sometimes... maybe they will find a way to bring him back to life... again. At least on the tv screen .... can't do that in real life .. can you?

No back doors... and besides you aren't my back door why am I typing about you?

... Fathers...

There are a few I have loved... a few I have hated. Mine.. I loved him. He's gone too.

Sorry... didn't mean to make this so depressing... it's not.. it's about life...

The future... kids... some quote I guess applies from F. Scott Fitzgerald on no second acts in life.. have to look it up some time...when I have time.. or make some time.



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