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Thursday, January 12, 2006

La Nina wants to dance the Conga

Everyone get up on your feet cause La Nina seems to be coming out of the closet and is no longer a cross dresser.

Okay..being silly.

Love when these names get bantered around... time for sound bites and nice graphic spreads. has a nice one running currently.

I do know temps have been on the mild side up north and not sure how all of this correlates...will see... if it verifies as they say in forecast land.

I do know my daughter from Philly called to tell me it felt like Spring.. usually this time of year she cries she is freezing and misses Miami. Probably by this weekend she will be changing her tune.

Time will tell though soon enough if the Lady of the Ocean Currents is or isn't in charge.

..............beautiful weather in Miami tonight :)


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