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Friday, January 20, 2006

Hurricane Dreams...

Wake up and go online to check my mail and someone sent me this link...

Dreams of hurricanes dance in their head...still... trackers are trackers, chasers are chasers.. its in their blood, in their soul... the weather is their muse and it calls them...

Earlier in the week the models were spilling out possible scenarios for "something" to develop. Seems they were not blowing out of their ass or whatever that colorful guy phrase is..

Something down there is twisting though I don't think it will endanger anyone even if something forms.

Either way... you can see it if you watch the loop.

As for me... woke up early, couldn't sleep and made part of Shabbos dinner at 5am.. fighting off one of those chest colds that is going around.. can't breathe, dry cough... achy, want to go back to bed but can't... the reference desk awaits at work.

Luckily, today is a short day for me.. coming home to make Shabbos... some of the kids are going away to Chabad on campus and I'll be home with the younger ones... should be quiet, should rest... then again Yaffa always says.. never say "should"..

And... feel sort of revived myself despite feeling sick as a puppy dog.. had a fun, good talk with an old friend last night. Nice to be able to talk to someone on so many levels... multi-talented, smart ass.. mean friend lol ... Giggling, oh gosh cough cough.. laughing with tears in my eyes.

So.... I was wrong, wrong, wrong... wrong... with that secret am going to work.

Good shabbos.. watch the tropics and personally told friends on hurricanecity I think someone should do a REALITY TV show on the Clean up in New Orleans.. follow a few families around, like you know in that stupid movie EDTV... you know stay with them.. through the mud cleaning, the stress of going through such a tragedy... the second and third thoughts on "what if" and me there is more drama and comedy and drama going on down there as people try to dig out, rebuild and bring a city back to life.. with a four month deadline... rolling eyes..



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