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Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday the 13 - Weather Party in the South

Storms are predicted across the south as a "front" rushes through bringing with it chances for thunderstorms across the area. Okay...thundershowers but hey it is something. It's possible.

Possible hail and twisters predicted for parts of the South.

Last night I heard a noise I hadn't heard in what seemed like ages.... Rain.

Night time rain, heavy and hard covering the street for about 5 minutes or less... fast little shower, brief little storm. Nice of Hashem (God) to water my flowers for me. If it hadn't rained last night I might not have believed the possiblity of thunderstorms for later today...but I'm suddenly a believer.

So... wild weather for Friday the 13th..wear your weather mask and come to the party.

As for me.. working half day today, going shopping for Shabbos and home to cook... having company.

Woke up this morning to discussion of twisters in Mississippi and pulled myself out of bed and put two chickens with garlic cloves and a splash of red wine into the oven. Eggplants baking nearby.

Now all I have to do is figure out what I want to serve with it... Yellow Rice probably...

Looking at a nice 3 day vacation or in my case 3 and a half...

Daughter turning 14..... baby daughter turning 14... wild... absolutely wild.

Have a good weekend, a great shabbos and if by chance Hashem decides to send you some much needed rain in South Florida today... give thanks and smile.

Taste the rain...



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