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Friday, January 06, 2006

Cold Front Choo Choo its way into Florida.. Zeta dances in the ocean

While Zeta is dancing out in the ocean...far away somewhere between here and there... a cold front is chugging its way through the South Florida area. Looks gray and white outside, like if we had moisture it could snow. Which would be absolutely perfect with me... I mean if you needed another year with snow in Miami...would this be it?

But, alas....too dry and not cold enough yet.

Watch Zeta spin a bit if you have time today....she is an oddity that is beyond comprehension. Like some of my friends............ But, you got to admire her fight to survive.

Am going back to the beginning and calling this storm a She... a real little Capricorn storm.. trying to make a purpose and a plan for what seems to be meteorolgocal and geological insanity these days.

Good Shabbos.... Have a wonderful weekend..


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