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Monday, January 09, 2006

Austraila gets a hurricane...Cyclone Clare..Delhi gets a wicked winter...

And the beat goes on... and the beat goes on..

There's a song I don't remember the name to and am not going to google the lyrics but the gyst is there is something going on here...what it is ain't exactly clear..

Global Warming, Global Winter or Global Hype? Time will tell as climate tracks the ongoing watch on weather. Weather is day to day...climate is more...and time will tell if this is all global warming or just a lot of hot air.

Either way... Austraila is about to get a full fledge hurricane... cyclone if you wish to be geographically correct. A cold front is going to push through into Miami next Sunday according to my local weather. New Delhi is getting a harsh winter that has not hit so hard in 70 years according to the links on Drudge.

The tragic mining disaster we have watched play out possibly was indeed a weather story as lightning may have created the spark that blew the mine onto our nations newspapers and broken many of our hearts to watch once again... miners trapped miles below the surface with a new... but twist.

And, I think alot this year on the winter of 1977 when we thought we were entering a brand new ice age. My ex-husband and I had a friend who lived in Chicago... after weeks and weeks of barely working and having a car that was buried under snow..he moved with his wife and new family to L.A. Still lives there.. It snowed in Miami... Paul Harvey talked and talked and talked on a new Ice Age... and went on.

So.... if you like to watch things swirl...twirl their way across the satellite loops and you are going into hurricane withdrawal... look down below and watch Clare spin her way towards Western Austraila.

Take care everyone...hope life is treating you well... Bobbi


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