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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Witchy Weekend

Watched Bewitched last night with my youngest son on DVD. Cute.. well done, good ensemble of old actors in bit parts... fun.

Hearing Witchy Women or whatever that song is from the Eagles in my mind... Santana...
Got to change your evil ways... BABY

Beautiful sunlight pouring into the bedroom this morning..highlighting the color in my hair and you can peer through the Reddish Brown hair all aglow in the sunlight... to the Black Olive Tree with a fresh coat of green on it ...alive again after the storm. A few dead orange brown branches that will eventually fall down because the neighbors lazy gardener couldn't reach up there and pull them down himself... lazy, lazy. I know ..he used to be mine.

Watched the sky turn the most amazing shades of blue this morning as light tugged at the edge of night and washed it's morning palette onto the sky as the stars disapeered and the upside down quarter moon hung there low in the eastern sky.

New moon this week. I know so because we said a blessing for the new moon in temple yesterday... Jews always counting the passage of time... marking it. Morning, Afternoon and Evening... New Moon.. Full Moon. Rosh Chodesh coming.

Cool enough but still I have the fan blowing on me... love the feel of air moving.

House quiet, tropics quiet... going to go make some breakfast for my youngest son who is happy beyond words that Beckett is a Red Sox player.

He said... it was like he finally got out of jail after a five year sentence for playing with the Marlins...

He is free... to play with a real team.


Nice thought to be able to fly free into the real world with someone and enjoy life and a Red Sox game at Fenway Park the way we used to go to Dolphin Games at the Orange Bowl.

Enjoy Sunday.... later Bobbi
article in Miami Herald on the Hurricane Season... google "Miami Herald" and "hurricane season" and then sign up and register...


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