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Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving Leftovers

So my son Levi has a new phone. Cute little gadget. It's enough to start making me wish to win the lotto so I can buy one. I never was one to wish for money or material things enough.. this year may be the year to change that. Silly me.... always wishing others have enough and more than enough and just praying for health and happiness for my kids... I may start praying for money. Cute toy. Metro PCS.. you buy the phone and have one charge. So.. he took movies, clips and pictures of everything yesterday and sent it to me on my computer. Boy... do I feel silly trying to take pics with a Fuji Flash thing. Mind you... usually I don't like cell phones with cameras but this one is nice, small, easy to use and works well. Picks up every sound in the room. Video of the little kitten chasing the plastic mouse on the string came out best probably. Turkey looked great too. So.. I may have changed my mind on fancy cell phones.

Turkey Menu ended up being as follows:
Turkey with Maple Honey Sauce and Dried Red Cherries in the pan (with red pepper slices on bottom...just a few slivers) made the gravy rich, red and sweeter than usual. Could not get the kids away from the pan to the table to eat the turkey. Have a pic of Levi picking but of course will have to wait for me to develop the Fuji Flash at Walmart before anyone sees it. Levi is a picker.. family joke.. In this case he had competition from Miriam. Meanwhile Turkey was so tender (poured wine over it too.. Merlot) that when I went to transfer it from the pan to one of my platters from Sharon's grandma's dishes... the turkey came up and the legs stayed in the pan. 4 hours... a 12 pound turkey.. my gosh they make Empire Turkeys tender these days... or the merlot, maple, honey did.. Had to reconstruct the Turkey on the platter to look normal, sort of..... Was good. Have left over for Shabbos.

Harvest Vegetables: You see what I did was... I went through the fridge to find all the last vestiges of this weeks vegetables that I never got around to making for my diet. Found 10 brussle sprouts, a package of green beans, baby carrots I bought. Was beautiful. Roasted them after being marinated in olive oil and jerk seasoning. Poured some maple sauce over the pieces of winter squash I had...came out good. So.. was like this little potpourri of vegetables that were served on the smaller platter of Sharon's grandma's dishest. (They are MINE now!) Also, serviced the baby carrots from the Turkey and the delicous roasted red potatoes as well.. unreal.

Stuffing... Challah and White Bread... onions, celery, carrots, mushrooms... fresh thyme from the Jamaican Market near the library and poultry seasoning.. some garlic...was very good.

Frozen vegetables that I put in the turkey soup the kids noshed on while it was cooking... will probably use that tonight and add some turkey bones and make up a bigger pot.

Sweet Potato Pudding with cinnamon and sugar and pecan pieces on top. Nice.. have a little I put away for tonight.

Bread.. drinks...

Pumpkin Maple Pie. I ever made in my life. Ever. From the beautiful Maple Leaf container that I saved for Thanksgiving.. maybe I'll fill it up with dyed colored water or use it as a strange vase. Used it for the turkey, the pie... and for this morning's French Toast. Maple. Sigh. Anyway... was good maple, yum, yum.

A guest asked where the corn was..they thought you were supposed to have corn. Told them we weren't pilgrims. I put the dried corn bundle from the corn stalker who sent the maple leaf. Worked.

So...that was our thanksgiving. Inhaled more than eaten. Never seen kids eat so fast in my life... the sun didn't finish setting... was scary.

Add in some unreal little cup cakes that Eli dropped off from his bakery called Phatso's Bakery which tells you how phattening the cupcakes were..

My thoughts?

I have a lot to be thankful for...

I want MORE lol.

We are all so greedy aren't we? Seriously.

Wish List:

That cellphone my son has...
My ex's palm pilot with the camera and sound..

A new fast computer with a nice table for it to go on..desk.

Tickets to the Red Sox games haha.. okay.. well you know what I mean.

More time up north with my kids who have grown and moved away and time with Sharon.

Love. True Love. Like the name of the sailboat in the movie... Real Love.
(life is short and it's about happy endings...time live, love and try to be happy... )

Recovery to go a little faster in New Orleans and Gulfport and forgotten places like Waveland.
(Is Stephen King listening... if that was a name for a novel of storms and suspense place is but it is not my genre.. use it, WAVELAND.... what a name... blown off the map by a big Storm wave...

I want us OUT of Iraq...NOW. Infact, I vote we go back to the Monroe Doctrine and live on this side of the Atlantic.

I make enough money to live in Monroe County.

Going to do somethings I need to do for my class today. I think I have finally learned all there is to know about Miami History. Think it is time to move on. Think I have learned that I don't like it here anymore. Yes, it is beautiful... but it is too congested, too paved over and too different. Not the land that I loved or grew up in. Maybe down south.. if you can live in South Miami or Pinecrest...down near Matheson Hammock... but otherwise... the city has changed too, too much. A condo in the Grove and go to Chabad there.. I always did love Yanky.. great thinker, speaker. Otherwise... just changed too much.

I want old. I want history and historic looking houses that resonate deep with you as you walk by ...where you can feel the ghosts of centuries past... of people who loved that home and ... I want the water... water's edge. Softer, slower life. I'll have to find it... somewhere, not here...

I am moving on. Maybe this year. Maybe next year... soon.

As soon as I figure out how and where to go.. Need Money.

Need a brocha..

I am bracha..

I'm confused.

Not as confused as I am when listening to my son Zalmy talk on the Red Sox. These Marlin Red Sox trades make for confusing pronouns. We means Red Sox... they means Miami.

Sounds wierd when he says things like "they are so bad" width=400 alt="" />
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