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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Morning Sunrise

The sunrise this morning is the color of the inside of a conch shell and at the top of the sky... above one dark grey low hanging cloud is the smallest sliver of a cresent moon. Beautiful. Impossible to describe and I wish I could paint it. No film in the camera...unreal.
Beauiful start to the day. More beautiful than yesterday. Then again, yesterday ended badly. Felt sick, went home a bit early and went to bed almost as soon as I found my way into bed.
Hoping today will be better.

I wish I could explain to people up north, if there are any here... that we only get sunrises like this a few months out of the year. Not sure why. I should ask someone. Who cares why? Isn't it enough to know it is and to view it... Almost dayglo brightness... lavendar, coral, peach, pink, orchid, pale blue above it... dark shades of gray hang low, layers upon layers framing the color beneat the clouds and peaking through the splintered pines and trees that the hurricane left standing.

Spectacular sunrise. Again. I wish I could freeze time and just sit here and paint it. Draw it. Photograph it. Keep it...forever in my memory.

Musing on sunrise... muse and memory...forever linked together in rhyme.


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