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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

END of Hurricane Season - BEGINNING of Holiday Season

Transition time today... as we seque into the holidays and get away from Hurricanes.

Had a great time at work today getting off the reference desk for good behavior and Illiana and I trimmed the tree today. We do it every year. It is her official job. She picks out a theme.. gets things... I help her. I'm sort of like Illiana's elf :) Seriously, I love decorating and doing arts and crafts and playing with color and texture so ... it has become my job of sorts every year. Play with the Pine Tree... get glitter on me from the ornaments and everyone gets to watch me crawl around the floor and or stand on chairs... the regulars get a kick out of it.

Everyone wanted us to wait til the tree could "breathe"

We wanted to do it today.. give me a break.. the tree was breathing..

Very green, almost too green... silky, soft.. feathery almost.

Fit my mode of moving on with the new and out with the old...

Hurricane Season OVER

HOLIDAY Season starting...

Change... evolution... transition.

Next the tree in the kids room... it is breathing today.. in, out, in, out... etc..

Then we decorate the library... Chanukah stuff, Christmas... and Kwaanza...

So... that was my big news of the day..

That and Sharon's son had a son :) and that's cool so she will hopefully be coming to Miami sooner rather than later.

As for this blog... not sure what I will do during the off season.

Very tempted not to keep it going. Lots of reasons.

Not sure what purpose this serves during the off season. People I am close with email me/and or call or show up and are here. Don't see why I should keep this going just so someone .. certain people can read my thoughts and listen to what I am saying so they have their daily dose of Bobbi ... what am I the happy pharmacy of fluff and amusing thoughts? Not my goal or purpose in life ..

Okay.. maybe it has been and maybe I have played that role well .. whether I wanted to or intended to but ... did I ask for it? Did I wish for it? Did I ask Santa for it? I don't think so.

For now... we will keep it going because there is a tropical storm out there.. the E storm.

E Storm = Fish Storm

That is Pescadado Fritos or something like that by the way..

Will see.. but season is over and all bets are off on what will be.

Maybe take the Big E advice and go off til next season... (no words, absolutely none)

My advice to certain people who are not joined together at the hip and can read all by their lonesome.. and Mr. B.Y. too... all people are interesting and everywhere you look in this crazy world there are stories to be told... people to hold... things to see and laugh at... take a look at the original E Storm and go track his progress on charts and boards and maps... email me he info if you want... preferably don't because I go Catatonic when I think on it...

Leave me alone.. let me go home... let me go home and start over...

It's been one hell of a hurricane season and I want to stop right here and thank one person who is the most amazingly true, honest to God Hurricane Fanatic there is out there.. and when I say that I don't mean in wanting death and destruction.. nah.. he is the sweetest man alive.. well him and the Ojibwa... he collects and gathers so much information on hurricanes and tries very hard to share that information in such a way that people can learn and understand what is going on... historically so and as current as being on the air live while a storm is hitting... unless it is hitting him. He is a wonderful man, a good friend and the best hurricane tracker I know..

Jim Williams

You could spend your entire off season reading through his site... checking the books out of libraries that are mentioned. Surfing the sites he links to.. learning what makes a hurricane breathe... move.... live and die..

My undying respect and admiration for all he has done to help people understand hurricanes better and provide a forum and a way to share the information.

Take care ... til whenever... Bobbi


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