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Monday, November 28, 2005

Delta continues on and we look for the E storm

Where oh where can our E storm be?

Maybe we should check out the Sun or National Enquirer.. some wise seer from some strange place probably has revealed that information to a housewife living in Kansas who raises peacocks for a living. Check out the cover.. you never know.

In the land of beautiful people... my 13 year old got home from the Mall finally. Her friend's mother lost her car keys, something about taking a cab to grandpa's house and a low cell phone battery. She did however get a great picture of herself and her friend with the Abercrombie model who is on display all week at Aventura Mall. Says something like Seasons Greetings 2005 on the picture/card. Should not something like that be not legal... two underage cuties standing next to and being hugged by some half dressed man who has a six pack on his chest and low cut jeans? At least he wasn't wearing a fake beard and she wasn't sitting on his lap. Asked my older daughter and her best friend if they got picture too? Yes... they went over on Friday afternoon to "shop" and "to see the Abercrombie models" who were "hot hot hot" and friend said "Who would pay $1 for a picture?" I guess you got to be 13. Either way they are all hot, hot, hot and I mean my daughters not the models.

Beautiful sunrise this morning. Sort of scorpionic yet the moon is still in Libra... a dusky lavendar with dark maroon touches around the edges at the first light which gave way to other shades of purple, scarlett and finally bright gold... a winter sunrise in Miami

Temperatures in Portland Maine today..high 54... low 33. I have it on my AOL screen just so I'll know.

Going to work... will watch the vapor loops there as they loop faster and look better and I don't get thrown offline.

And... no... I am not running over to the Abercrombie Store at Aventura Mall to check out the models. But, if I had the money I would check out Victoria Secrets for small holiday specials and I am more of a GAP girl.

let me know if the E storm lands somewhere


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