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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Catchacane if you can.. if you can't ... enjoy the chase

Just quickly checking in ...

Shabbos was nice... well...quiet. No hurricanes... no major world tragedies... no major brawls.

Leftovers and sweet and sour meat balls. Kids didn't mind that we didn't have the normal fare but other things..

Nice meal.. nice night, nice sleep... went to Chabad to daven and see a few friends and the exercise back and forth... went back home... walked home with friends... nice meal, slept.. read.

Reading Radical Evolution and read some strange novel ..

Checked out the boards and ... going off to watch movie Bewitched on DVD. Got it from the kids who pilfered it from my brothers house ... we are Thankful for many things this thanksgiving.

my reply on hurrcity.. best weather site and weather board around anywhere :)

season almost over... a season no one is upset to see go

then what?

nite.. Bobbi
my nickel
Posted by bobbistorm on 11/26/2005, 8:03 pm, in reply to "Re: Nearly 7,000 Still Missing After Katrina"User logged in as: Bobbistorm
Truth is in my opinon...

We are not trained or prepared in this country that believes in happy endings and all things are possible as long as you can stand in line long enough for the After Thanksgiving Sale... and that we are rich enough in the West to not to have to deal with things like "body recovery" and we have a very false sense of security in our government to handle "anything that might happen" ...
we just are not trained and not prepared to deal with tragedy.. we think they happen to "other people" across the ocean somewhere and..........the federal government does not know how and refuses to work with commoners in any given situation. Either they are in charge or they aren't and after an emergency they are in charge... Marshall Law.. etc.

it would be naive to say that the government at times does not involve themselves in cover up procedures. May I remind everyone here we were told both crews of space shuttles died immediately and were vaporized (don't quote me.. give or take those words) and it turned out both times they were alive part of the way down, down, down.. cover ups... truth was too much for the american public bodies are not supposed to be shown being brought back from iraq... love the war, hate the war... no photos allowed and preferrably no funerals shown if possible
emergencies cannot be planned...they arise suddenly

we can however find a way for the govt to let people who give of their time some sort of clearance to do something

not siding here with either view of the situation because depends on my mood how i feel.. and can see both sides of the situation

just saying we were overwhelmed by Katrina and...we should not have been overwhelmed as there were studies for years.. decades that it would happen. Fema was put into an agency that was supposed to handle emergencies.. directed by a man who raised Arabian Horses.. no words.. bottom line in my book is forever that where ever the buck stopped on the government food chain the gov was responsible for many people dying because no one got there in time.. even if it was their fault they stayed in the city against advice...

no one came
no one ever showed up
or they showed up way too late
for many anyway

and lastly... just sheer confusion

watching tv on thanksgiving they showed many stories of people who were given a new lease on life somewhere..some community.. Dallas, Boston, Philly...story was ALWAYS the same. When the sweet, simple family of survivors got on the plane.. being evacuated NO ONE on the plane from the survivors knew where they were going until the Captain announced to them that they would be landing in _______.

Either you suck on lemons or you make lemonade or you let others help you and in this case... many that they did stories on let people help them find jobs, apts... put their kids in school... start over but in cities that had not a clue they were even going to when the plane left the tarmack

put yourself in their shoes
and you wonder why so many are unaccounted for...
some are happy living somewhere they never planned on living... others are bodies washed away in the muck and goo
we aren't germans.. the nazis kept better records as they exterminated people than we Americans kept as we saved lives...
it is still a wonderful place we live filled with wonderful people... we just weren't prepared for whatever reasons to deal with the tragedy
hopefully we have learned something.. hopefully..
and don't expect the next national emergency tragedy to be another will take us all by surprise
tragedies like that always do...
but I hope somehow... someone will have learned a lesson and we will do it better next time


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