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Monday, October 17, 2005


Tropical minds are basking in being alive and trackin' in 2005 when we have caught up to the infamous Hurricane Season of 1933. Not an especially good year unless you were FDR with a nice White Roof over your head but a kick ass Tropical Year. Funny how things parrallel. The economy was bad and he had a relative in the White House a few years earlier. See? Nothing new under the tropical sun...

So..the National Hurricane Center has finally named Wilma and is watching her slow westward movement carefully as she is predicted to bend back towards Florida later in the forecast period. It's October... there are cold fronts and the cold fronts in October propel storms from the S up towards Florida whereas if they are to the SE of Florida they usually curve them harmlessly out to sea.

For me...

Tonight is the Jewish Holiday of Sukkos. We built a sukkoth which is in fact a Florida version of a Fiji sort of Thatched Hut House where we enjoy breakfast ... a cup of coffee and watch the world around us. We bitch often about the heat during lunch and take a less leisurely meal and enjoy evening meals greatly... nice especially when Sukkos comes a bit late and our evenings have become milder.... come over and hang out with my older kids who are pretty popular and the center of their little friendly worlds. It's like a one week veranda addition to the house... for hanging, relaxing and appreciating the wonders of the season this year and way back when in biblical times.

Going to my brother tonight for the official family meal. He bought a pre-fab one that I am wondering if we can spray paint Dolphin Colors. Well, its blue and white... close.

Not like its black and red or something.. He bought me fake purple beaded grapes to hang in my sukkoth. I'm waiting for the apples and corn from New England to decorate....Not sure what we are having there to eat...

But my meals are as follows...

Turkey with baby carrots and sweet potatoes roasted in the pan..and as bubbys somewhere used to say "Gedempte Chicken" whatever that means... think it meals a lot of other stuff will be thrown in that my brother Jay in Greece would love to have picked at.. mushrooms, baby onions, pieces of red or green pepper...whatever I am in the mood to throw in. Never end with a preposition but they work so well, you know?

Sweet and Sour Meatballs.. heavy on the sweet with yellow rice for a lunch time meal. Miami style meatballs... saffron colored rice..

BBQ chicken with Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce and roasted round small potatoes to pop in your mouth... finger food which is so satisfying to eat as is most food you can pop in your mouth... maybe find some baby corn or something else we can use out there... Will see how creative I get with that meal.

Making a 1-2-3-4 cake with cinnamon and sugar on top.
Apple cake...

Vermont Apples and Maple Syrup... of course.

Babaganush and Vegetable Chopped Liver.

So... that is the plan.

I'll be back on Wednesday night after the holiday.

Lastly... well I had this whole thought last night as I was falling asleep and thinking how to put it.

I once fell in love with a man named Paul Finkleman. He was cute, sort of stole my heart. Little silly sayings and the whimsical way he turns his head when trying to figure me out which of course could have given him a permanent crick in his neck. Oddly... really funny because when I first heard about him I really hated him or maybe a relative of his. Bad company he keeps sometimes, like an old boyfriend Fred. Says in the first psalm to choose carefully the company you keep.. the friends and well... some guys just pick real winners you know? Well, they say you can't choose your family, only your friends. So.. a little piece of Paul's heart always rests inside mine because after I got to know him (which was at first worse than a trip to the voodoo dentist) ..well after I got to know him I realized how wonderful he really was.... is... and always will be. But, people don't know Paul like I do. I know him better... better than he knows himself. And, will always smile when I think of Paul.

Sometimes you meet someone and oddly the one person you DONT want to meet you realize is the one person you NEED to meet.

Life is such a bitch. A beach? A picnic in the park? Barefoot in the Park? Road trip to fun.. take the scenic route always.

And... owe an apology to a guy named.. Mel. If I ever hurt your feelings in any way... well you are tough and you can take it. Smiling. Sorry. And, you are and you can do anything you put that brillant mind to and it's your call, whatever you choose to do. And, last night while trying to get out of Walmart, beat my way past the guard who didn't even speak english and wanted that receipt before I could leave. Didn't matter thatn I spent $80 for Sukkos..without that receipt I wasn't leaving. Couldn't remember which side of my bra I put it in.... thought it was in my purse. Jeez.. unreal. Well, every time I try to get past a store guard without a receipt I will wonder why I cannot get a receipt when I vote to proove who I voted for ??? What if I want to take my vote back?? Huh??? Happy Sukkos... hope you are happy.As for me.. I will be enjoying corn.. corn stalks... Indian Corn.. oh there is an idea... wow.. okay let's not go there :)Have a wonderful Sukkos... where ever you all are..

As for Wilma... she is going to be making a run for the State of Florida it seems.

Stay tuned. Hope she has her receipt because without it she will never get past those gestapo guards at Walmart but the White House may never let her in.. Leaving with a preposition which is better than a dangling participle I have been told.

Love Bobbi

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