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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Waiting for Wilma...

Waiting for Wilma here...

And think Wilma will be one wild girl.

She hasn't waited this long to get on the maps and be a dud.

Nope... you wait this long and something is bound to explode.. when given half the chance.. and October brings a pattern of exploding storms in that region of the tropical realms.

So... in a day or so you are going to have a Wilma unleashed and people may start worrying on WHO picks these names anyway.

Mitch.. Wilma five letters... funky names for the year 2005

Not Caleb or Shayne or Jacob is a big one these days.. Kayla, Shakira, ain't no Mel or Rosebud either here...

neither Mary, Peter or Paul... but she is one girl that is slowly taking her time, building a center and about ready to explode..

Listening to an old song here.. Dawnnnnnnnn

Moving my shoulders and dancing a bit as I type...
hang on hang on...

Think what a big man you'll beThink what the future will be with a ...

Well, have to tell you all... Fred has been real preoccupied this summer and hasn't posted much tropically speaking or at least not under the name Fred and Barney...well lord only knows where Barney is.. haven't even heard him mentioned much lately ...
think what your family would say... giggling, thinking Yabba dabba do...

Well you know feet look funny when you been running around using them barefoot to get the Bedrock Roadster moving on a long road trip.

Do wah ditty... she looks good, she looks fine

Before I knew it she was aiming her storm fury towards me..

Walked home to my door and you parked under the trees in the moonlight to hide from lol... the dinobabies inside the house giggling.

Can't type. Giggling... One smart cookie best friend... smarter than Sharon lol

I have a few best girl friends... that no one can come close to..sadly most don't live here, they left me alone :(

and... none are replaceable

Sharon at the Beach trying to get blown away by Floyd and other storms :)

Left me a lone with smiles and memories and trying to stay out of trouble here...

Bumming around with Yaffa.. ain't nothing better
Yabba dabba doo

Oh geez... we are going to have to deal with Wilma before the season is over and Fred better get his ass back home to bedrock from where ever he is and give me some attention... not often I get a storm named Wilma.

Where is my mind... whoosh... navy jets flying low over us on their way to the Stadium...
Need to find the Hair LP and put it on the pretty music box and dance, think... make a shopping list.

But know one thing... I don't have about 20 empty soda bottles under that nice sink for nothing you know?

Just in case Wilma comes to SE Florida and not SW Florida..

I'll have water in my granite bedrock kitchen :P

More later... after she is named and I get to see what Ricky really looks like ...
If SNONUT IS READING THIS............................. GET YOUR ASS BACK IN TOWN :)
love Wilma :)

perfect... So Happy Together is playing lol

later guys, later gang.. yabba dabba do! :)


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