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Thursday, October 20, 2005


Sorry but I think the "cone" for landfall that we are supposed to watch is the biggest waffle cone in recent years that the NHC has put out.

As a matter of fact.. they have even waffled on timing. Pushed it back.. don't go with the unrealistic scenario of it zooming faster than a jet plane that it had doing earlier in the week.

Meanwhile.. Wilma is still going west north west (with a heavily west component at times) towards the Yucatan. She should turn NW today..tomorrow or the next day according to the NHC.

I don't see much that will pick her up today or tomorrow and do think when she gets above 19 or 20 she will hook right real hard. Right now the westerlies are in charge and everything across the US is going left to right. Show me something different. Watching those water vapor loops in the Atlantic and in the Pacific.

Waiting for Wilma in Miami and think it will be a weekend event..will see.

Time will tell.

We are back to work...hei ho it's off to work I go.

One thing I will tell you is that as nice as it is to see Ed and Shari kiss at the end. Ed was real fast to leap into bed with that brunette bimbo with the broken cat. And, Shari didn't run so fast the average Joe with all those movie people in their face would have run a whole lot faster.

And, I'm wondering if Rob Reiner could do a Southern accent or if it would kill him??? Okay, so maybe he isn't such a great actor and he should direct for the rest of his life.

Let people study rocks..hurricanes.. grow corn.

Leave me alone and let me play and send me some ice cream and good dreams today.

Over and out.. Bobbi
Waffle cone chocolate chip in a waffle cone. Send it special delivery FED EX with Wilma!


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