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Friday, October 14, 2005

Storm Stalkers

Realized recently while trying to explain to someone what it is we do on Hurricane City and other similar Hurricane Tracking sites that what we do is... track, investigate, find information on and study the storm. We are in fact.. Storm Stalkers.

A good example of a Storm Stalker would be ..........oh say..........Joe Bastardi.

Is there any piece of information that man would not hunt down to add into his long, indepth analysis on

Jim Cantore. Picture him in your mind.. come on, you can do it. There he stands, on the beach, those deep intense eyes protruding from his serious face.. about to face the storm. In his case.. he has not stalked the storm metaphorically speaking but.. he has raced to the ends of the earth to bring you to the storm.. face to face.. up front and as closely personal as he can get.

Guys like Jim Leonard track storms all over the world.

Guys who have quiet jobs, paying the bills and limited vacations cannot take to the highways to track down the hurricane.. they stalk the storm online via webcams and fancy dopplar sites.

Jim Williams stalks historical data on storms not just today's storms.. like Chris Landsea and Company who penetrates the eye wall with his dropsonde in hand.. Jim from his Hurricane City site stalks any piece of information he can get his mind wrapped around to better understand and explain the storm to his audience on Mind you.. Jim has been known to on rare wonderful occaisions stalk in person, on the ground.. time and budget permitting but usually he is stalking on the radio... looking for that perfect connection to someone in the eye of the storm. Jim has I may add knowledge that few amateurs have regarding storms. When does an amateur become a professional?

Chris Landsea has the degrees and gets paid but well........Jim knows quite a bit about hurricane history himself. Uses it online vs on the Best Track Team from NHC.

Palm Beach Post used to have a great site online.. a message board for storm stalkers with an address that was like "lets talk storm.." something.. always looked like let's stalk to me :) has raised storm stalking to a family affair as the two brothers and friends stalk anything that spins.

The skeetobite person has found a way to map the actual storm.. adding a graphic angle to the stalk.

So.... after much thought... the only way I can splain it Lucy is................ storm trackers and storm chasers are in fact.. Storm Stalkers!

Girls do it.. guys do it.. even tropically minded kids do it..

Let's do it.. let's stalk the storm!


Love Bobbi Storm!


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