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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Miami Under Hurricane Warning

And, I danced the night away :)

Had a wedding to go to tonight. Right after Shabbos.

Black Satin gown. Danced for hours... A real Miami wedding.

One of my co-workers at the library..her son got married in Miami Lakes.

So... I did what any good Miami girl would do.. put on the black satin and pearls and danced latin and rock and roll.

Came home to the warnings and will blog tomorrow.

Only so much you can do and have supplies and it all depends now on Wilma.

Do I stay here in my house for a Cat 1 or Cat 2 or..........go around the corner to Ronnie (my brothers house) as he has been shopping for supplies since last week :)

Will see... he has shutters. I don't. I do have bars and tinted windows which help if they break with the hurricane film.. and the house is usually very good in a Cat 1...

I'm just not sure where Miss Wilma will really make landfall or as what intensity. Not yet.

I did post on in their hurricane forum to pick landfall that I thought she would come in around Everglades City..go over Burns Lake.. exit around Pompano. Intensity would be a strong 2 for sure.. maybe a 3.

I still think it's possible.. maybe a drop higher.. not sure of angle of landfall.

Will look and see still mentally dancing and had pina coladas and rum and coke and champaign.

Beautiful couple. Beautiful wedding.

Beautiful Wilma spinning and spinning...she danced the whole time she was over the Yucatan. What a girl :)

nite Bobbi


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