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Sunday, October 23, 2005


Hey there.

For some reason there are X and Os drawn across the TV screen while Ed Rappaport and Bryan Norcross are talking on TV and for some reason I don't think that means that Wilma is blowing kisses.

Turns out the fetch of the wind will be overland more in Broward County whereas oddly Miami Dade County may ..for some long reason that Rappaport explained...might get stronger winds than Broward.

Oh..and the front has sort of stalled up around I-4.

Who knew? An October front stalling and waiting for that second short wave up around Kentucky or Missouri to come down and kick the front through.. Well, you know.. happens. ALMOST EVERY YEAR... but this year we gambled on a front swooping down and whooshing through. No comments ...


Better news. If we lose power from Hurricane Wilma we will have cooler weather than when we lost power with Katrina in August. Don't I feel better? Okay..truth is a lot of people down here are rather thrilled over this prospect. A sort of best, worse case scenario.

So. I took my sukkoth down or rather... my kids helped my brother take it down. I took pictures. I put on Jimmy Buffett real loud as a soundtrack.

Okay... Rappaport is on TV now being interviewed. Something about the front going slow and Miami getting strong winds or to worry on strong winds... okay it seems he doesn't know for sure. But, he does look good explaining what he doens't know for sure.

So that all being said.

I'm finally rinsed off and showered after working in the yard for the last few hours cleaning things up and making the last few runs to the store for the last few things we forgot yesterday with the last few runs.

If you are wondering..

Miamians are pretty much boarding up and using the shutters they have if they have them. The Rabbi took down his sukkoth so everyone would see that you should take them down. Most people have.. my neighbors across the street of course haven't and if that sheet flies here and hits us am gonna scream. There is always one in every group. Then there is the guy who lost the roof tiles in Katrina across the street and down the block from my bedroom ...he has all his new tiles and roofing material piled up on top of his roof. Either he is out of town or doesn't have a clue that his roofing materials could fly through someone's house. Is he there? Does he care? Probably not.

People seem divided into those panicking fast and furious and those who are convinced that it is going to blow over and be a real no show, nothing much of a big deal.

Trina Robinson on Channel 6 NBC Miami is one of the BEST around. I really should write her. She is the most real woman on TV today doing weather. She talks smart, fast, quick.. smart and dresses like a real woman..not some phony, plastic version of the TWC weather girl crew or the regular bimbo types they put on early in the drive time slot on the news and not the mousy, old looking look they have like the Kristen Dodds who have been around forever .. Trina is as real as it gets..and good. Want to say like a man... You know .. she doesn't have to act cutesy or matronly or mature or poised..she just does her job excellently. If I was on air I would want to come off like Trina Robinson.

So... she interviews Ed Rappaport who explains the wind field is expanding and it is not getting the sort of interference from the front that they had hoped it would get. Yes..I am thinking. They usually do that when the intensify and don't catch the front fast enough.

Mind you the rain on her top far from the center is caught up in the frontal boundary but... her round tight core is tight. Miami I have cooked.

Put up two chickens... which are cooling and will freeze soon. Cooked them with garlic and seasoning and a piece of lime inside.. key lime. Makes them tender ;) I have roast meat in the crock pot.. sweet with the old standard ketchup, wine and apricot preserves. I have asparagus to steam. Potatoes baking in the oven. Cooking for Simchas Torah you know lol. Sure the front will go thru and we will walk through the debris of our homes and lives and dance with the Torah on cool weather from a front.

I have eggs boiling on the stove and going to freeze some strong coffee in ice cube trays. You know cuban coffee style IF we lose power.

If... oh please I hate losing power.

So... I am lying here resting and wondering if Lex Luthor did this. I know he is here somewhere. Just had to make the last official storm of the season.. before going to the greeks ...had to make my storm hit my town. Fred emailed me... asked me where I thought Wilma would go... I love Fred. Hey..Wilma should love Fred. Right?

so... singing Jimmy Bufffett songs with my laptop on my lap and watching local coverage.

Wondering on wierd things like... the dead, dried corn that is all around my house .. a gift from my crazy friend... (should see my face when I think on the corn) is that corn like a big hug and kiss and thank you or is that corn a sort of veiled haha threat they will get me. Giggling... well they got me so... lol oh well...that's just the way it goes. Looks like dead swamp grass actually. Was really scary in that big long four foot box.. like autumn roses from a scarecrow.. a plot from a Stephen King novel made into a movie by someone... no spiders... no cows... no dead dogs.. just cornstalks. Took the pretty silk autumn flowers down from the sukkoth and put them in the pretty purpose vase they sent me. Nice.. very nice.

And, I wonder on things like do the weather people on TV say things on purpose like my crazy weather writer friends would say online during weather talk or do they just not realize how it sounds. On and on about how Wilma and Alpha are interacting and the guy announces he has had a lot of questions and basically ... it is like this: Wilma is eating Alpha. And, the smart girl Trina turns and stares and him and repeats, "so, wilma is eating alpha, okay.. " I mean in some weather chat they get a bit kinkier than that talking weather but does make you wonder.. is Alpha a guy or a girl.. cuase I want to get this right. Or is she a guy cane in drag... out of work and waiting for Fantasy Fest in Key West to start.

Then again.. I wonder lots of things .. it's "their fault" my crazy writer friends... they took my innocent brain and warped it into little kinky pieces and I wonder lots of things while waiting for Wilma to blow through my town.

Do most people brush their teeth in the shower while taking a shower or do they do it over the sink??? Or...somewhere in the bathroom while trying to conserve time?

Do most people use a bar of soap on pubic hair or do they use their shampoo??? I mean I always wondered on this one.. I mean it is for hair right? Well.. I wonder. Too many strange conversations late at night with crazy people I suppose.

Lonnie Quinn on TV... interviewing Dan Brown at the NHC.

And, earlier today... I saw Eric Blake do an on air interview :) So cool... up there with the big boys. I am sooo proud.

So...that's it.

Unless you know how strong this girl is going to get in Miami/Broward and can tell my futurefor tomorrow...unless you can send Miss Cleo here and let her tell me... I threw cards... interesting cards but hey.. I'm not showing my cards. Not unless you show me yours first :)

Over and out... overly hyper can you tell?

Sunny skies..high clouds... breezy... is a hurricane really coming?

Wherever you are Lex Luthor.. thank you!

Song for the day... Squalls out on the Gulfstream.

Oh...and my very own Ed said (rhymes)... I'll get a strong blow. Of course I am wondering how he means that.

Bobbi.. in Miami..waiting for Wilma.

Is Drudge going to be live tonight from Miami? Does anyone know?


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