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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Miami Hurricane Morning...Why I haven't been online :)

Her name is Wilma and she is currently putting on her favorite orange dress for the event. You know Wilma...wears pearls, that little hair do.. A tough girl to have to put up with Fred..

I've shopped til I dropped. Put up 2 chickens for the holiday and some other food to cook and freeze fast in case we lose power.

Watched a storm staying on the low side of the packaged forecast.. means.. Miami gets more than expected.

Watched local news media go into a frenzy around noon BEGGING people to put shutters up. We don't do that for cat ones or even twos... my brother is here to help me and my older son who has been at his house all day helping..take down MY sukkoth...

I'll be back in a little bit..after the 2pm to see how fast this pretty girl is really going.

If she stays slow... and hits warm water (which she is) and the eye is becoming more open as you can see now... well..will hit as a Cat 3 maybe.. maybe..and down around Everglades City or near the Keys... which isn't what most people down here hoped for..

Oh................and I was on the phone with friends in Key West who have decided to stay there and promised me they would go to Bnai Zion if she comes in as a Cat 3. The temple is not old style but poured concrete and built to withstand a Major Storm.. and Wilma.. may be one.

Back soon later



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