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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Eye Into The World of a Storm Tracker & Wilma Watching

First of all.. let me set the scene.

Bobbi sits cross legged on her bed typing on her laptop that is partially resting on the bed and partially resting on her lower legs that are incased in a pair of thin, lilac colored Victoria Secrets draw string pj pants that have little navy blue embroidered roses on them. She is wearing a matching Victoria Secrets itsy bitsy Navy Tank Top she bought last year at Bayside. Very thin tiny straps and she keeps adjusting it a bit so it doesn't fall down revealing too much cleavage. There is a lot of cleavage. A few older teens have friends in the house and she isn't totally alone.

Barometer Soup is playing on the CD next to her for the 11th time tonight. She had an overwhelming need to hear it.

She is pissed and upset because there is a 5:45am bus out of North Miami Beach to Key West but they are checking ID and she doesn't have any Monroe County ID to show she is a resident. Which she is.. in her mind.

A beer sits next to her going warm.

She is thinking what to tell Tom in Key West at 11 after the new advisory comes out beyond that she is pissed she can't catch a ride back to Miami tomorrow night with friends evacuating Key West in the evening late.... because Greyhound won't let her on the bus in the morning.

The Weather Channel is on. Friends keep calling from as far away as Maine (sic) and Key West. Both ends of US1. Her brother has called and asked her opinon. Her thoughts being she wanted to be in Key West tomorrow.

She read some Torah that a friend online sent her. She's wishing he was here and could try and run the roadblocks down to Key West in his winnebago.

Cantore is talking on TWC...

Switching channels between TWC and CNN.

CNN announces that the Silver Star and Silver Meteor have now stoppped all trains south of Orlando and there are no trains going into Miami or Palm Beach.

Seems we are cutting off the state of Florida at Orlando.

Smiling at silly segment of story Mike is doing on TWC about a cute, fake Jim Cantore he met in Key West and now we all know the storm isnt going to Ft. Myers cause Cantore on TWC announces tomorrow he is going to Ft. Myers there and Mike is in Key West. In TWC viewer terms means Key West is getting the storm.

Zalmy: (Bobbi's youngest child comes in, he is the one who has been trained to like Key West for when they move there) "Look, that's where we were this summer Mommy!" (he is pointing to the famous bouy a block from the room that Bobbi wanted to rent on Whitehead Street but couldn't cause she had to come back to Miami with Zalmy and be Mommy in Miami.

Bobbi: (smiling, staring) Yeah.. there's the bouy. (she is thinking her favorite coffee place is 3 blocks up South Street from the bouy.

Interivewer: (realizing they have gone to commercial) So, what do you think of the models Bobbi?

Bobbi: I think the only good models are on the right side of the package and dont' see how the NHC gave so much credence to the A98E and the Lbar???????????? Now the Bamm and the GFDL take her further south... since when did we realy care about the A98E?

Interviewer: staring or at the boxes of opened packages on the floor in Bobbi's bedroom looking for a crowbar or what an A98E could be or if the packages came from someone at the NHC..... more kids have come in the room. Bobbi adjusts the tank top to look more proper. Starp falls off her right shoulder. Her hair is messy, waves fall about her shoulders and she's staring at TWC again. The guy on TWC calls Wilma Rita and everyone claps in the room and laughs thinking his is funny.

Bobbi giggles. Phone rings.

Bobbi looks at clock and wonders who would call before 11 and the new track. Tom isn't stupid. It can't be Tom.

She grabs the cell.

Bobbi: Hello? (she makes a face and rolls her eyes) What Ronnie? (she mouths over to interviewer "its my brother") Yes, Oh, Okay, Uh huh. Don't know Ronnie, waiting to see the new track at 11. (tells interviewer he went walmart without me for water..says they are all out) Got to go Ronnie, talk later.

Interviewer: That package..?

Bobbi: Oh, I'm sorry. (Bobbi starts talking fast trying to explain) A package means forecast track. Right means East or SouthEast in this case. I'm sorry. Can we have this conversation after 11? Truth is they are sending planes in tomorrow morning and then the new models will have that new data and they will have a better handle on Wilma.

::::::::::::::::::::::everyone in room gets quiet, Son screams out"Tropical Update is ON":::::::::::

::::::::::::::::everyone stares, no one talks:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Bobbi speaks as soon as it is over: Turn on Channel 4. Picture doesn't work but I want to hear what Norcross says.

Interviewer: So, you want to wait til 11pm to give any real opinon here, right?

Bobbi: My opinon is I want to be in Key West tomorrow morning. I am not a happy camper. My beer keeps getting warm. I'm not much of a drinker. (turns to oldler duaghter and says "get me an ice cube please"

Older daughter whose name is to stay a secret: "Ewww Mommy."

Bobbi waits, stares at the loop. Sends a smile to Mike in email because she can't think of anything normal to say to him while 11 year old son Zalmy begins to shows interviewer where Mike Seidel is doing live shots from on a map of Key West in Bobbi's bedroom.

Jazz is playing on TWC. Kids switch it to CNN to hear what hurricane hunter guy says ...

Bobbi: (yells at kids) Turn it back to the Norcross channel and leave it alone!

13 year old Daughter: Okay fine, but CSI is still on and throws the remote onto the bed. Interviewer ducks.

Bobbi: (smiling, thinking good one less person in the room) I think that she isn't going to go very far north and the whole flow is going from west to east and want to hear what Norcross says.

Door opens, daughter comes back in the room announces she is going to sleep.. guess she wanted to see what Norcross says afterall. She doesn't leave.

Bobbi turns down the Buffett CD. News announcer tells everyone they are telling all visitors to leave the Keys. Bobbi looks annoyed again. Interviewer gets nervous, afraid she is going to throw something at the TV. Norcross starts to blinks and rolls, no picture is available but everyone watches quietly listening to Norcross.

Bobbi: I think when they get it down to a regular killer Cat 3 and the jet stream begins to grab it a little...then the westerlies take over....then we will see the NHC pull the track further to the right..east..

Zalmy: giggling.. Mommy look they are already out of gas (points to TV news story about no gas left in Miami)

Interviewer looks nervous, looks out window at her car.

Bobbi: I have a lot of water if you need to stay here.

Zalmy: (explains) Yeah, my mommy has about 40 empty soda bottles under the kitchen cabinets.

Interviewer? 40?

Bobbi: It's a big kitchen. Miami kids..they know not to throw soda bottles out. I mean do you want to fill the bathtub up with water and bleach orkeep soda bottles? She stares at the TV and without talking to anyone in particular says annoyed, "Why do they have to call them the CAYMAN islands?"

Interviewer: stares nervously at Bobbi...turns to Zalmy. "Can I ask you a few questions?"

Zalmy smiles.

Bobbi smiles, sips the beer, adjusts her tank top and says "Leave it on channel 6, we can watch the picture on that channel. Fifty dollars a month and cable can't get any local channels, go figure."

Commercial comes on: "Zoom, zoom, zoom." The now infamous car commercial comes on.

Zalmy giggles at the private joke ..and begins to show the interviewer where he thinks the storm will go on the hurricane map on the wall.

Barometer Soup plays for the 83rd time.....

Jimmy Buffett - Barometer Soup
Lyrics Follow in my wake
You've not that much at stake
For I have plowed the seas
And smoothed the troubled waters
Come along let's have some fun
The hard work has been done
We'll barrel roll into the sun
Just for starters
Just for starters
Barometer's my soup
I'm descended from a deckhand on a sloop
I travel on the songlines
That only dreamers see
Not known for predictability
Come and follow in our wake
You've not that much at stake
For we have plowed the seas
And smoothed the troubled waters
Come along let's have some fun
Seems our work is done
We'll barrel roll into the sun
Just for starters
Sail the main course
In a simple sturdy craft
Keep her well stocked
With short stories and long laughs
Go fast enough to get there
But slow enough to see
Moderation seems to be the key
Constantly searchin'
Oh my eyes have seen some horizons
And I've crossed the ocean for more than just thrills
No I'm not the first
Won't be the last
You lust for the future
But treasure the past
Follow in my wake
You've not as much at stake
For I have plowed the seas
And smoothed the troubled waters
Come along let's have some fun
The hard work has been done
We'll barrel roll into the sun
Just for starters
We'll barrel roll into the sun
Just for starters
We'll barrel roll into the sun
Just for starters


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