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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Zalmy is explaining to the interviewer in intricate detail where storm surge hits Key West from the north side if a storm surge comes in strong from Florida Bay...Gulf Side.. left.. Interviewer taking notes...

Bobbi and daughter who was going to bed are staring at TWC and going blurry eyed watching her spin. Interview lady sitting on foot of bed taking notes and listening to Zalmy.

Door opens... 16 year old son bursts in...PUT ON 43!!!

Everyone stares up at him.

What could possibly be on Channel 43 about Wilma??

He's insistent, almost freaking...

Everyone fumbles around for th remote... he grabs it.

Everyone starts cheering...there is a rearrangement suddenly on the bed... interviewer lady falls off the bed onto the tile floor, turns her neck fast to see what happened with the storm. What the big commotion is about. Did it become a Category SIX or something.

All the kids scream out at once in unison.


Bobbi stares, its a plot. She can't get to Key West tomorrow and now THIS...

Everyone jumps on bed... steps over interviewer picking up her notes...

Bobbi stares.

16 year old walks out laughing, "oh yeah, oh yeah"

Bobbi smiles, despite herself... stares at the TV... its the beginning she thinks.

Suddenly...the reality hits her... ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Oh no... ewwwwwwwwwwwwww oh nooooooooooooooooooo ...if it wasn't bad enough now she is going to have to...

Interviewer grabs her notes...crawls out of the room quietly wondering where she can find a gas station open to get gas and north of Orlando.

Wilma is off... gone.. lingering around the Yucatan............pre-empted by EDTV.

She's running loops... talking to friends, trying not to watch TV... they are having a fight on TV at the studio... Bobbi stares up like a train wreck is about to happen..

Wilma.. wilma... choo choo Wilma...zoom zoom Wilma...

Mouth is wide open, Blanche Du Bois is having a temper tantrum, some brown haired bimbo is trying to replace Shari ... she crunches down under the cover, fixes the tank top again, phone rings its Sharon to talk about the storm...

A category five hurricane may wipe Miami off the map or at least Flamingo Florida and everyone is watching EDTV.. and his father Al.

Bobbi sips the warm, watery beer not being a real beer drinker thinking how she can explain this to anyone.

She says, "Al is your father Ed."

Bobbi nods..

Wilma who?


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