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Wednesday, October 12, 2005




I would blog right now but I can't because I just did a big mitzvah and hope something will come of it... sort of like the mitzvah that keeps on giving for a good friend Yaffah and amazes me that all I had to do was go find some old friends who are standing around at sunrise waving a chicken over their head and giving the chicken to poor people to eat ...after it is schected properly (schect..kill) and or wave some coins around my head with a secret jewish prayer known as shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Kaporis...

No... I have to go write a bunch of words like some special giving deed ... planting seeds that I hope will bring forth a ummmmmm fig tree in Key West..

Wonderful...they would love it. A real wonderful life. A Fig Tree Grows In Cuba.. I can see it now... Teyve Hernandez.

Do I have a mind?

Guess Mother Hubbard has my mind and Old King Cole the merry old soul is wondering what the hell is going on.


In the book of life.. you need both comedy and tragedy... that way you know when to laugh and when to cry and sometimes life is so funny that you end up crying tears of laughter when you are dumb and dumber and life gets funnier and funnier and.. you pray they don't lock you up in the Neil Frank Home for the Tropically Insane... if so... if it happens, I have but one request... sure hope Yaffah leads the conga line cause it was so much fun last time.

Oh.. and lastly... got a cd from a friend yesterday, a few CDs of New Orlean Jazz.. beautiful gems from the past, old, old songs... unreal melodies... beautiful. No one for a moment should ever complain about the clean up of that city and it's value to America... NO ONE. Not a musician around who hasn't played a drop of jazz or visited the city that did not leave a part of his heart in New Orleans..

Two Synagogues I am listing below that if anyone is reading this that wants to give money for Yom Kippur and the Jewish Holidays to I urge them to give and give generously. They are both beautiful congregations.

One is in Key West. My great, grandparents helped start it.. old time Jewish Conchs... and it has helped so many people over the years including helping Cubans who were fighting for independence from Spain... they have been there for jews and non jews over the years in Key West and have just been rebuilt after a fire that was started by arson sadly.. yes even in paradise there is prejudice... and the other is in Baton Rouge... a synagogue that is helping Jews from New Orleans live, relocate and find a dry place to pray while they are slowly rebuilding their lives and homes..

The Key West Synagogue by the way is built to be a shelter in a storm for anyone who needs. It was built to survive a Cat Five but I hope they will never need to test that. great link to learn about old key west history also...

btw... sometimes they would daven in my great grandparents house while waiting for that there synagogue to come into realization :)

next... email from Temple Beth Shalom in Baton Rouge.. and their times and dates for services. And, breaking the fast together as a community starting a NEW YEAR..

A wonderful year to everyone and a special request for foregiveness for anyone who I hurt their feelings intentionally (okay im not an angel) or unintentionally and well.. I'm sorry, so please forgive me.


Yom Kippur Service Schedule
10/11/2005 10:26:12 PM Eastern Standard Time

Sent from the Internet (Details)
Please note that due to water damage in our Sanctuary Yom KippurServices will take place at Jefferson Baptist Church which is locatedjust next door to the Synagogue. We look forward to seeing you there.
Yom Kippur Services---------------------------------
Wednesday October 12 - Erev Yom Kippur8:00PM
Kol Nidrei
Candle lighting: 6:20 -
Thursday October 13 - Yom Kippur10:00a
Childrens Service2:30
Study Session3:45p
Afternoon Service5:30p
Memorial Service (Yizkor)
6:00p Neilah

A full Break Fast meal is being served following services. All are welcome and encouraged to join us.

Havdalah (72 min): 7:48 Weekend Services--------------------------- Friday October 14Services 7:30PMCandle lighting: 6:17 - Saturday October 15Meditation: 9:00AMSerivces 10:00AMNext Week---------------Remember this coming Monday is Sukkot.Decorate the Sukkah and Potluck dinner will start at 5:30PMFor a complete listing of service times for the month of Octoberplease visit the calendar on our website.{}--To unsubscribe from this list visit update your preferences visit by PHPlist, --


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