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Monday, October 17, 2005

1909 Florida Hurricane? 1921 Tampa Hurricane? Wilma...What will you do?

Quick little post here as I get ready for Sukkos.

Watched Bryan Norcross and he said Florida is definitely in the path of the storm.. where in Florida specifically...will see soon.

Pressures are low enough to be a hurricane but wind speeds have not correlated yet.

The storm reminds many of us of Mitch but... models all agree she will pull north soon. Or rather bend sharply right somewhere down the line... where down the line or rather up the line we don't know so at this point all of Florida is on watch; Central to Southern Florida more so.

Good article in Tampa Bay paper today. They must be a little worried.. in this year of no one is safe and worse case scenarios are possible... Tampa, a city rarely hit these days, is watching carefully.

And..I'll be watching. Will leave a weather radio on somewhere or TWC on mute over the holiday. But, for now I'll enjoy my sukkoth with its beautiful autumn decorations that were special delivered from friends in New England. Of course.. where else? Apples, mums, MAPLE SYRUP (yum, yum.. pretty maple leaf with amber colored maple) and Indian Corn and decorations for the Sukkoth and gold beads and.. Stalks of Corn. No words, none... imagine if I do nothing but leave the big, long, box of dead corn on the table and look at it every couple hours it will be a Rx for laughter. They have little yellow hard corn things in them but I feel sort of... well...feels invasive like to unshuck them. Sometimes, I don't believe my life. Funnier and stranger than any reality television show anywhere. Beats EDTV though that actor is cute.. like him. Wish they'd send him in a box special delivery lol.. no .. no no no..on second thought... I'm taking a vacation from stalks of corn lol.

Going to relax, put on some very nice music. Rat Pack, 1960s.. great CD and listen to Frankie and Dean sing songs. Going to make some apple and maple cake. Going to rest, read Wicked the book and try not to think on anything ...not even Wilma too much.

Wonder on the wonders of the world... love, friendship, creativity, karma.. corn stalks lol.

Watch Wilma for me everyone.. I'll watch the wind and relax a little bit.....while I can.

Chow for now.. Bobbi

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