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Thursday, October 20, 2005

11 am..same old cone..same old soon turning nw...

Why I feel like I should be somewhere near Key West or Cuba today. Growing up down here we tend to feel that Cuba is an off limits vacation paradise that should be ours to play with and or grow sugar, tobacco or anything we like. However, Fidel..a child of the great 1926 storms won’t let go and I can’t go there so easily either.

I lie awake at night listening to a weather radio in Miami telling me about the weather in Cuba and imagine people in Cuba lie awake at night wishing they were in Miami.

How did Puerto Rico become a territory and not Cuba? I don’t understand things like that. I should study it a bit. Something I missed here that makes no sense.

So..Wilma heading west for now.. officially west north west but in reality more like just north of west.

Waiting for that big turn.. the news at 11.

Has anyone noticed the nice developing wave east of the islands?

Can we talk and chew gum at the same time? I am wondering.

I miss Bob Sheets. I wonder where Bob Burpee is..

I wonder on a lot of things.

Especially Wilma.


I could have been in the Keys today but someone days ago bought into a bad forecast that anyone should have seen wouldn’t have possibly verified with that sort of timing but then… they were waiting days ago for her to turn NW by the next advisory. Part of the problem at the NHC is not their inability to gather information it’s their inability to make a forecast without having to explain why they did it and having to back it up with data and being incapable of changing their forecast when things change but holding onto the past and hoping bad forecasts were built upon good information and will verify. Garbage in just looking like garbage but really being diamonds in the rough. Sort of.. hard to explain and I am not saying more. Leave it at I would go with the guys on the causeway anytime vs the ones in the big moving picture rooms who get to write the forecasts. Hard to write what you want when Big Daddy is always looking over your shoulder.


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