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Friday, September 23, 2005


Beautiful and very dangerous Rita.

Watching her on the loop this morning. Noticing the dry air on her left side that is wrapped around a bit into the storm. Amazing how an almost perfect storm can still have so many "problems" and weaknesses and yet at the same time have the power of nuclear bombs going off inside of her. Perfection is a long, aspired to goal of Hurricanes but few achieve that goal and she is far from perfect even in her Category 4 condition. Don't let the media fool you.. she is a bad, bad girl but far from perfect.

And, her steering conditions leave a lot to be desired.

Example: Don't know why but am afraid she is going to slow down between here and there. Models showed her looping up in Tex/Oklahoma at one point.. one model showed some kinky left hand turn down near the Texas coastline on the way to Mexico. Something about her keeps inspiring the models to get wierd just after landfall. So, I suppose I am worrying she might get wierd at landfall.

She has this hedgehog look of some storm I can't remember. Age and staying up too late talking on the phone with a friend makes my mind duller than it usually is but I'm smiling so that's good. Do you NEED to know what storm? Trust me.. a storm a while back and it had this look and there was some problem with it .. will remember later probably at work, faster connection and more places I can surf.

Also, the orientation that she makes landfall at is important. Say she suddenly went wnw and almost parralled the coastline going "in" well..she would scrap up those cities along the SW coast of Louisianna that have been scraped up for years and years before by other storms.

And, where is she going..

She jogs NW.. she moves wnw in my opinon... but keeps jogging suddenly for a few minutes nnw and it all evens out.

Like life..

A little bit here, a little bit there, a dibble dabble there... we move in fits and burts of energy across the map of our life.

Anyway, had a great time at the historical museum last night for my "class" and some things I need to write down. Met some nice people last night. Bought a new skirt at Express that is a size smaller than I have bought a skirt in years. Bought some earrings in the gift shop instead of a book. The skirt is a color I haven't worn since... oh my gosh I remember what the skirt reminds me of.. lol... a fancy dress my mother bought me for passover one year.. years ago.. think I spilled wine on it and she was pissed. What would possess a woman to buy a chiffon, champaign colored dress for a 7 year old girl who ran tomboy like around the block with her crazy cousin hiding in croton bushes? Maybe I tore it? The skirt is pretty.. tiers and old fashion and blows in the breeze.

Again.. I have to go.

Found a mystery last night at the museum. An old subdivision that was planned in 1925 for the area I ended up living in.. but wasn't there. Some grand subdivision with canals in a circular pattern.. but probably never built. Wasn't all so grand when I lived there but it was some of the best days of my life ever.. was the perfect spot to raise kids in retrospect or the perfect place to raise us. Want to know what it was and who was going to build it and I will find out. Am good at searching around for things...especially map or geographically related.

Also, got to spend some time in my favorite place in the museum leaning against a wooden post whispering back and forth thoughts to a good friend, teacher.. person. A person to learn much from in so many ways. You close your eyes and you are back... late 1800s.. earliest of the 1900s on a little wooden porch..outside in Early Miami. You look through the windows.. you can almost feel you can slip back into the past. But, can you slip out?

Maybe not so fast...because my mind is still there..

Have to run... Rita is running somewhere.. but where oh where is Rita running off too?

That is the question of the day.. while people sit in motel rooms in suburbs around Dallas and Shreveport... watching on the TV in their motel room.. huddled together wondering if they will have a home to go back to..

Who knew on January 1st, 2005..this would be the year that was?



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