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Friday, September 23, 2005

Rita Moving Just East of Forecast.. & MSNBC mention to Hurricane City :)

Rita, downgraded but still demanding a date with destiny is moving slowly towards the NW.. a bit more to the east of the forecasted "middle line" you are NOT supposed to look at.. she is within the Cone.. just maybe might hit around the Tx/La border vs Galveston/Houston.

Heard Neil Frank was going to talk on this soon...wish I could watch that.

And.. nice article on MSNBC on tracking storms and a nice mention to HurrCity .. which I really think is the best site online when it comes to EDUCATIONAL information .. a wealth of info indeed.

Dry air is the culprit or the HERO here of the story with Rita being sent down to a plain old terrible Major Hurricane ..Cat 3..vs a TERRORIZING Major..

HAHA.. Just a Major.. how spoiled we are this year with Category FIVES that a Major Cat 3 seems suddenly something to laugh off??

Think not.. also.. the storm surge will be strong as the water is already there ..and rushing towards the shore.. as with Katrina..

later Bobbi


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