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Friday, September 23, 2005

Rita Moving in Towards Port Arthur & Getting Her Act Together... Again..

5pm shows a better storm than a few hours earlier.

She outright exploded in color on the enhance IR and color water vapor. Visible shows a very beautiful storm.

She also picked up speed and is now moving at NEAR 12 the Northwest.

Would have to say as of now she will come in West of Galveston and Houston.. good news for Galveston.. bad news for places to the East of there... Cameron Bay..

So.. going to go cook a few things and watch on TV a bit. Check in before Shabbos.

Going to my sister in laws for dinner so don't have to do that much.. bought salad stuff for tomorrow, chumus, olive dips.. challah, cuban bread.. cholent.. whatever else I manage to make while watching Rita.

What can I say that hasn't been said before?

What can I say that someone else hasn't said?

Not much.. not more.

Remember one thing.. and remember it well.

A hurricane has the power of nuclear bombs going off... and the damage beyond radiation in an atomic bomb is also the blast at ground zero..

This from an article written way back by Georges that unfortunately was not a learning lesson or we wouldn't have the problems we have today in Nola. Well...we know .. we knew.. but our priorities as a nation and on the state level were not "saving lives" but maintaining governmental budgets and hoping that the Worst Case Scenario would not happen.

""A catastrophic hurricane represents 10 or 15 atomic bombs in terms of the energy it releases," said Joseph Suhayda, a Louisiana State University engineer who is studying ways to limit hurricane damage in the New Orleans area. "Think about it. New York lost two big buildings. Multiply that by 10 or 20 or 30 in the area impacted and the people lost, and we know what could happen." You are watching a meteorological nuclear machine heading towards land.. in some ways.... anyway... take care.. pray.. and good shabbos..Bobbi


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