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Sunday, September 25, 2005

RAINY MORNING IN MIAMI... watching Rita aftermath

Woke up to bright sunshine and blue skies. Woke up too late. Had strange dreams just before waking...writing a script on a bus with someone... well maybe a winnebago lol but someone else was driving. Still think the Grove is a good location for good storylines.

Even asleep the Muse is working overtime.

Woke up too late to do everything I wanted to..

Son came in and asked me if I was awake. Wanted me to know that EDTV was on TV.

What is this? Stalkers anonymous week on TNT?

He tells me they are at the part where he offers a lot of money for anyone.......

I put it on.. giggling, love watchint Rob Reiner get screwed in that scene..

Gidget was on. Wrong channel.. also ending. Pretending Moondoggie was really Jeff and not screaming at him in her parents living room. Wrong story of my life.. thinking that this was not going to be an easy day.

Toggled back and forth. Rob guy so cute being screwed.. such a better movie than Truman Show.. really much, much better... and they are in bed at the much better can you get and isn't Ed cute???? Out of he wig and in his bed. No longer in hiding. What an end. Only problem is Reiner does have cute eyes and is a good actor.. still say he should be acting and not trying to direct the show.

So... got to see Jeff and Gidg say good bye to the Big Kahuna.. and watch her fall in love with Moondoggie... again and again...and got to see Ed and whats her name.. kharma girl... win.

And, then the rain came pouring down...down...down...

And, it is still pouring down...down..down..

There is still flooding in Cameron Parish and they are still on TWC trying to explain how Port Arthur in TEXAS got stronger winds than anywhere else. This new trend of "not letting the people back in" is stupid and I think I may check out after 35 years what the libertarian party is because am tired of big government. Can't get them to help when you need them but when there is no flooding and people want to go back... or jump off a boat onto a shore line within territorial waters... they are beaten back..told to go back to their Motel 6 and wait a month or two.

Watching the rain come down.. going to go out and do something before the Dolphin game before I lose my mind.

Hope its a good sign.

UM won.
Red Sox won.
Gators probably won but I don't care anymore about Gators or Gatoraide.. so let em win or lose..

I have priorities..

Dolphin Game at 1.

Must be rain drops.. falling from my eyes.. falling from eyes.. or skies or something.

Nope.. no rain allowed today.. going out in search of more better coffee as we say down south.

See you later.. if nothing else... I no longer hate or are afraid of Rob Reiner lol.. things are looking up. Nice eyes... will get you far in life.. even on your own without Big Daddy.


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