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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Dolphins & Labradoodles & Louisianna & LInks to Other Blogs..

Watching the Dolphin game. Enjoying it immensely. Son is in victory land.. dreams of victory following RedSox game and Dolphins and he is even follwoing the Marlins. Creep.. stole his poor little mind.

Went to Barnes and Noble and got lost in music and the find aroma of coffee being eternally brewed.

Books on everything and anything... put away presents for a few friends under my son's name who works there.. will go back for them soon or ask him to bring them home.

Looked through a great book on Elizabeth Taylor; one of my all time favorite actresses. Great quote I can't find on being a woman who loves.. Beautiful pictures... beautiful. Have an older daughter up north somewhere who looks a lot like Elizabeth Taylor..well when she does her make up... Pisces/Scorpio combination.. similar chart.

Did a test this week and had to give my favorite dog... couldn't think of one. Bugged me. I guess the favorite dog is the one I fall in love with and vice versa.. the one who lands in my lap.

Labradoodles are sort of cute.. maybe too much hair. Is that a large poodle crossed with a lab.. probably gives the lab an edge..

Will keep looking.

Who knew they had a calendar for labradoodles?

I think I want one just so when walking the dog on the canal and people ask I an look at them like it's normal and say "labradoodle" and turn my head sideways, big smile and act like that is normal...

Trying not to watch louisianna parishes flood... wishing i had gone to visit. Wishing that I didn't put things off til someday and one day and stopped thinking time would stand still and it would always be there waiting.

In the mood for a road trip.. where is Mel when you need him lol.

Saw a book for him too! lol
poor boy...don't think he got one mention.. not one.. though Mel wasn't mentioned a whole lot.

suddenly worrying on the fins... praying they win
praying the water stops rising
wishing and hoping

Wondering on that wave way out there... keep her low.. keep him low
whatever it is... keep chugging along baby...

Did I mention that the one thing that I loved about Truman Show that I had not seen previously was...................... the moon. Turns out that the moon was evil...

Might not be poetic to say so but trust me.. I like my light pole more than the unconstant moon .. always shines.. always there.. and if it goes out.. you can call FPL and some cute guy in a bucket truck comes to fix it.. sure can't do that with the moon.

Oh..and it came to my attention that my blog was mentioned online in a blog list.

So .. posting it because.. great list of blogs to go through when you have the time..
know I will...

later bobbi
if i posted this..sorry... my mind is elsewhere today.. believe it or not

Bloggers Cover New Gulf Threat from Hurricane Rita While bloggers continue to cover the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina it looks like another dangerous storm is on its way to the Gulf of Mexico. Rita, currently a tropical storm with sustained winds of 65mph is forecast to become Hurricane Rita later today and move just south of the Florida Keys. Rita is then forecast to move in the Gulf of Mexico and head toward the Texas coast. Another storm near the many oil rigs located in the Northern and Northwest Gulf of Mexico will cause oil to spike again and force gas prices upwards. It is still too far out to predict where along the Gulf coast Hurricane Rita will make landfall but it goes without saying that another major hurricane hit is bad news for the U.S. A few of the many blogs already covering Rita include the Sun-Sentinel Hurricane Weblog, WeatherBlog, Weapon of Mass Distraction, 7 Stormteam Weather Blog, Pensacola Beach Blog, Miami Musings, Stormtrack, Houston's Clear Thinkers, Hurricane Harbor, The Houston Conservative, Tropical Storm Rita blog, Storm Videographer, Lazy Iguana, Storm Chasing Mikey and Huffington Post. SciGuy blogs about a Houston Chronicle article that lays out the devastation a major hurricane hit could cause. In blog search engines, Technorati already lists nearly 1000 posts about Hurricane Rita and lists over 1,600 posts. Update: More Hurricane Rita coverage can be found in our Hurricane Rita section. Posted on September 19, 2005PermalinkBlogs linking to this post: Bloglines BlogPulse IceRocket Technorati


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