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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Dolphin Wins.. Watching Tropical Update..

Waiting for the Tropical Update to come on. Then am turning off the TV and going to put the radio on. Drudge... or Kiss Country... or maybe some New Age music.

Watched too much hurricane coverage for one day. I may not talk a lot about it but... watched too much. Flooding... water....water... water everywhere.

May I say something RIGHT HERE:

THIS IS NOT GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to burst anyone's bubble of government slush fund... but it's a very active hurricane season close in.. locally not globally and conditions were ripe for strong, storms and our equiptment is much better now and every little dropsonde flying down into the storm can register every moan, groan that there is... down to the most minute detail..

We have sensors that pick up every shudder and shiver that the earth's surface ... so it looks like we have more earthquakes.

Mind you I am a very, very big believer in ecological stuff... environmental action. Ask anyone in my highschool class :) spent hours working hard on that cause on great Sunday afternoons.. I recycle. I worry on every styrofoam cup I use... I feel guilty using plastic not paper. Great joke... Kill a tree or pollute the environment. I love the earth.

This is not global warming. If it was.. every stupid, pissant little barely a named storm in the Atlantic that bobbled about, lingering around low latitudes and not even being able to muster up decent convection would have become a Cat 5 Storm. Nope.. no cigar and barely enough winds to keep their name.

We would have Japan destroyed by cyclones every month... maybe even Korea.

Do not be so ethnocentric as to believe that Global warming is only affecting parts of the Atlantic basin and not other parts.

Just wanted to register my opinon here in badly mispelled english.. because I am too tired to see let alone do ABC spell check.

But.. I do know I am destroying the english language here so rah rah sis boom bah.

Next... the Fins won. Nothing else today matters. For once... in a long time... we have a team, we have a coach. We won.

Thought today on all the things I would like to do.. here and there while lost in Barnes and Noble.

I'd like to learn to paint. I like color more than words. Anyone who has ever seen my house.. knows lol.

I love color.. I love life.. I love weather.. I love wind. Picked up a beautiful book today to send to someone who will love it... unreal pics.

I wish I was Demi Moore... she's getting married to some guy she's been with for 2 years. Personally, I wouldn't invite Bruce Willis but hey..

Cybil's movie on whats her name... the movie is probably doing better than Burnett's show. Sorry.. I could have told you people are tired to death of hearing about Martha especially with death, desruction and devastation in the homelands... her life pales in comparison. Bummer. What can I say. Cybil mind you I love.. she rates. She is something else. Great biography she wrote a while back.. read it and gave it to Sharon to read.

Sharon is in Maine. Everyone knows. You know..Sharon of Hard Copy "el nino is gone, we are going to get canes" fame....Sharon.

Want to travel. Want to make love in the desert with the song playing in the background from the Eagles. I want to ... wash a hurricane race by from a safe hotel room with someone who used to be online and probably still is with a new name. Okay.. was supposed to be New Orleans.. oh well. Meant a small, small Cane. Or did I choose to drink tequilla and stand in the surf near Brownsville or Mexico or that town you go scuba diving... snorkerling to off of Central America.. Rota something.

Twisters and Canes.. on the nightly news.

The world's watching weather now... isn't so geaky or nerdy now is it America?

I want to get drunk on Duval street like a real tourist :) cause I'm not a tourist but I watch them partying.

I want to wake up tomorrow and walk over to Faustos on Fleming and get a Rainforest Coffee.. sit in the library, read a book... eat breakfast at the Deli.

I want... to see the head of Alfredo Garcia lol.. no... old joke. Gone.

I want to do the chart of Garcia Lorca.. is that his name?

I want to beat the crap out of Frank Maron and ..................I'm not very good at beating the crap out of anyone.

Non-violent, storm tracker... cute lady with dark auburn hair... great heels, good legs... a sexy smile when I am in the mood and who can read a water vapor loop better than almost anyone. Right Fred? Right. A Fin Fan... a Parrothead in my way and ... does not believe this is a sign of global warming.

Now you want to talk about that iceberg falling off of Antartica... THAT might be global warming.

And, you might be a redneck if you understand this post.

WWJBD??? He'd say.. why don't we get drunk and screw lol.

It's a Margarittaville Evening... no one can steal the Orange Bowl Queen because they shut down the old Orange Bowl Parade... sorry.. happens.. all good things must come to an end.

Chalk one up for the Stalkers.. the remote control for the beautiful real wood music box works damn fine! Got to love them.

Love Bobbi
and yes.................could use a two hour backrub.


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