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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Beginning to Worry About Points East..........

Well.. the storm is looking like it may move to the right of the earlier forecast.

For all of you not living on message boards or in weather chat rooms..

right = east
east = La... or Tex/La border.

I like New Iberia :(

Hey.. I like most of that region.

Either way..

NHC must be hauling in strong anti-acids to track this storm.

Good news: She may not be a 4/5 at landfall.. "only a 3"

Bad news: The water dome pushed ahead of her that some lucky city will get will be about the power of a Cat 4/5 storm surge because the water is already there.. moving towards the shore.

Some shore.

Maybe Galveston's shore.


Not much time to post today.. not much time to think.

Have work, class and museum opening tonight to go to...

My mind is all over the place.. meterologically, musically, meandering through parts still unknown.

Later.. Bobbi...links to play with below..

NHC doing a good job.. let them do their job.. they will adjust as needed.
They did hit their forecasted point.

Shame lexiom didn't give a longer discussion.. "oh well.."
Maybe at 5 someone else will give more clues into the forecasted track's reasoning.
Wasn't much of a discussion.. more an expresso version.

Spy loop... shows a lot about the storm.. it's intensity and it's structure

Can see up the river of the atmosphere.. the things that may come into trying to control Rita..down the line..
personal comments as of noon “oh no”

Listen to local radio in Galveston area

Wide, colorful, pretty view.. a bit scary

Last but not least.. Drudge (bless his meteorologically crazy mind) is doing a bang up job with links, loops and the best pictures to capture your imagination and convey the story.

and as always


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