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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Quick post here..but want to say again and again that in the case of Katrina the PROBLEM was the SIZE and when FEMA talks about it being BIGGER than all FOUR hurricanes last year.

When the dollar amount is posted... when the death toll is done being compiled.

SIZE MATTERED ... She was the size of Texas and putting that into a small cone worrying on landfall was sort of silly in retrospect.

From Louisiana to the Florida border... there are bodies, clean up... and the size of her after she went in land was mesmerizing last night.

And, while the NHC kept downgrading her winds.. she grew.. outward and her clouds began to cover at least a 1/3 of the United States...

So...remember.. it's not just intensity.. its SIZE and in this case.. her SIZE made all the difference.

All of that rain.. being pushed up against the Gulf Coast.. FIVE MILES INLAND in Gulfport ..

Size does matter.. remember that.

She was a monster size wise and made Andrew look like a marble compared to a basketball and this particular ball did not fit inside the narrow tube in a pinball machine...

Worse case scenario indeed..

Heavy rain in Miami and thunder.. going on the porch to watch.. here rain is calming, beautiful.. there it destroyed the dike system.. wind and rain..


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