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Monday, August 29, 2005

Request to post this blog.. here...

someone asked me to post this link.. in email.. am posting it.. not sure what it is or how reliable but this is what blogging is about... you decide.. it's your call

the blogging world is about freedom of speech in ways and new ways of self-expression

so posting this blog.. will post any that I think may be helpful or someone might enjoy

though I am not much into the blogging world.. but people do read and things do get around

when you read a blog.
it's information and partial entertainment

look deep into your wallets and if you don't believe in tithing...start a diet tomorrow
a one day diet... drink slim fast or eat fruit or marshmallows... cut back and take the money you would have spent on food and send it to the RedCross.. no one like the Red Cross and you will always know the money is going where it is needed. I've given to the charity on the main page of because if Jim says it is a good charity and the money helps the people.. gets there.. believe him.. he is honest and a good man.

On the Jim note... must be strange for him. This summer he drove out to the Conference in New Orleans and along the way took video and did interview with people who had been in Charley.. people who live near Camille's landfall.. he was there, he took film.. pictures... thought a lot. (I know Jim) and this must seem so much personal after just being there. And, he's worried on a few storm chasers he is personally friends with.. and hasn't heard from.. is this blog.. check it out.. check out others.. google whatever you are looking for
it is the new indoor sport of America... you thought it was just there to look up you highschool sweetheart or the one you wished was???? come on... google a blog.. do it today



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