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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

NOLA Did Not Dodge the Bullet..... Areas to Her East Devastated

The President is speaking on this now.. Imagine soon he will find a way to get to the area himself when he is done with events commemorating the end of ww2.

Good link.

Repost of a post I wrote on HurricaneCity below after my immediate thoughts...

I am home today.. seems my library can't get their electric on and I am not being paid for this nice little vacation where I am sickly staring at new coverage and wish I was at work making money and.. helping people go online to apply for foodstamps, INS forms.. help them with the college papers (colleges are in session for 2 days), correcting people's grammar and telling them we have no Zane books..they are all "missing" or "lost" which means stolen.. not returned.

Watching video from New Orleans that is humbling. I cannot even think what to type or say or what will make a difference. Video just came out of Bay St. Louis a town you will remember I was worried would get hit hard. So much for NOLA avoiding the bullet... no they did get the bullet. Was just with a silencer I guess and no one saw it slowly bleeding.. blood seeping out slowy like water flowing over broken dikes. or why this happened is like trying to figure out the difference of being shot by a rifle or if you were shot by an UZI... you are still dead or in this case... New Orleans is sort of on Life Support.

Cantore filed his footage.. very heavy. Posting below and going off to do things I have not done in the last 3 days.. will watch coverage in the background. Also spoke to my best friend in Macon where twisters did touch down.. annoyed all the concern has been on the "path" of Katrina all the way up to Canada and not on the whole system itself.

Brace yourselves for untold high and tragic death tolls.. from flooding, from after accidents like the 10 year old girl in Kentucky who was playing in standing water (or something like that) and from people trapped in their homes.... apartment buildings collapsing..

Brace yourself for sad stories... and know that anytime over the next few weeks or months during this rebuilding or recovering bodies stage... New Orleans, Gulfport, Penscacola, Mobile or Miami can and will get hit by another tropical cyclone of some kind. It is almost a given.

It is not over..

September Remember...we are just getting close to September 1st.

It is not over.. it is not global warming.. it is a bad set up of conditions favoring tropical development this season and it is very much like 1960s, 1940s... like when Jamaica was hit with like 3 storms one year in 1888 or was it 1883..

We forget when we go through an easy period in the Big Easy and growth triples and we think we are safe... Key West went through it's biggest growth period when it was the Richest City in the USA in the 1880s.. 1890s during a period when they were not hit frequently with strong storms.

Miami... is going through the craziest downtown building boom in decades.. and Miami .. downtown has not been hit by a Cat 4 since 1926... not directly. Andrew hit Homestead and compared to Katrina in size she was an itsy, bitsy.. small storm... a marble compared to a bowling ball. Can you imagine what would happen to downtown Miami if it had been hit by Katrina or her 2nd and 3rd landfall? Katrina as a Cat hit.. not having Grand Isle there to buffer the blow.. Miami had been hit dead on by Katrina as a Cat 5 and she would have destroyed Miami.. Broward County... water would have flooded Homestead that was dry in Andrew but not in Katrina.. my library would been washed away on the canal 3 miles in.. not just closed 5 days later still trying to get their electric fixed.

I think Katrina may be upgraded down the road.. think she was stronger in Miami.,,, at least 85 mph.. maybe 90 like the "gusts" show because she had one hell of an eye for a minimal 75mph storm. And, the devastation along the Gulf Coast I believe shows she was downgraded to a simple Cat 3 a little bit prematurely.

Here's my post.. donate as you can to those in need and think what you would do ..will do if and when your town gets hit by such a storm

Bobbi. .......................
Have to say here I am amazed and impressed at the amount of information given on this board. I am on information overload and off work today (w/o pay) because the library where I work can't seem to get FPL to hook up their electric.. mind you ever 99cent store and walgreens around the library has power. Who knows... maybe its more and they don't want to say.. government agencies hate saying too much.I think somewhere along the line the way Hurricane Prediction.. Forecasting is done by the GOVT needs to be changed.We are past the years when no one knew where a storm was.... it has to be about more than just finding the wind speed and path.FEMA goes into work after and yet there should be some way that the information that FEMA wants to get out is distributed in correlation with Hurricane Advisories.The regulars here knew this would happen.. this storm if not the next one.. and they could yet get another storm as patterns in a year stay similar.. we knew. They really are given lots of details like a CONE.. WIND SPEED that doesnt seem to correlate with pressure.Saw Bastardi on FOX last night.. did an incredible job of explaining.. what was going on weather wise. Do not want to get into a whole accuweather takes on the nhc..this is NOT what I am writing about.I am explaining that in today's world we do not need to be DUMMED DOWN TO.. about the dangers out there and why weather does what it does And.. NOW is the time to do it. Because it seems NOW people suddenly want to watch the weather.. CNN Your Hurricane Headquarters... Anyone can go online or watch the news these days and see for themselves what people at NOAA or NASA can see on their ipods and cell phones.. We need to be honest about the real dangers and not confuse them with "oh the wind speed just went down 10 mphs" or "new orleans got lucky and the eye is moving a bit east"This was a HUGE hurricane... size wise..and no where did I see it warned about the size. Comparison to Camille..yes.. for intensity. Comparison to Irene for rainfall.. yes..No where did I see NHC or even TWC (i could be wrong) or FEMA who was I am sure scared beyond words. Stating this was like MITCH or ALLEN or whatever you favorite MONSTER SIZE Storm about to come ashore and that a Cat 3 or Cat 4 that big..with that much there ... Well let me end this with something many can and will relate to.You all know that if Neil Frank had been in charge at the NHC he would have been freaking, screaming, showing all his charts and graphs and nonstop giving examples of what would be happening in New Orleans, in Gulfport.. in Slidell who we have still not yet heard much from.. The man would not shut up on the subject of storm surge and what we really did need was someone like that at some government agency somewhere on live nonstop not giving the example that its a 18 wheeler or a train what difference does it make. What the people did not need was to be told.. well it looks like New Orleans was spared the major damage .. if Katrina went a drop left then... Trust me.. Neil Frank NEVER would have been telling people that. .. he would have been begging people who were in NOLA as the storm was passing to the right to go up into their attics..find high ground if they did not leave.. he would have been warning them it was not over.. not going thru onair Missed the Bullet crap.I give you all unreal credit.. I'm on information overload.. going to blog. I want to know.. why weather is dummed down to people and then government agencies sort of go on CYA mode and say.. "well they were in the cone" Screw the Cone.. Stop dumming down to people.I emailed a friend in Macon yesterday BEFORE there was ANY talk on CNN about the twister danger there.. But they all went with the track.. projected track.. As my daughter said.. it's the size of TEXAS... you dont need to emphasize a cone or a path or what the exact wind speed from the dropsonde is.. you need to give a REAL picture of what is going on..ServeInformEducatestop dumming weather downWill check back later..And the media i believe for once is doing a bang up job.. unreal job... great job showing the real story.. And so are all of you.I will say lastly.. Max Mayfield did keep saying the small towns would get it and he complained that they have been criticized in the past they don't do enough to warn the towns not as big as places like New Orleans so .. he wants to make sure they know they are in danger... because they are in the Cone.. screw the cone if I may say this.. nowdays a child on their cellphone can see what is going on.. The cone is one piece of information.. the information they really needed was what Neil Frank would have given them but never got..


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