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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Looters, Mayors, Water Rising.. Pouring in Miami.. a reminder its not over


Watching TV here...

Fox News is showing the big FLOTEL that is stuck and slammed into the bridge.

CNBC is showing the Port Fourchon director... going to be a long time til normal.

MSNBC doing financial problems of the loss of oil production.. downplaying it. Insurance Biz.

CNN ... Jeanne is back on talking from a rooftop about what is going on. Official figure 80% of NOLA is now underwater and there is still water rising. Some looting. Gas leaks throughout the City. The water in new pics has almost breached rooftops...that a few hours ago in video was not as high..

TWC is doing weekly forecast...they are on Friday.

Back to CNN.. Army Corp of Engineers at 17th Street Canal Flood Wall and they are assessing the damage.. the water overtoped it (duh) letting the whole structure collapse (duh) and they found another breach.. closing the break is essential (duh)


It's pouring on and off in Miami and the sky is a beautiful shade of purple blue and the sun is out and shining onto green trees... the colors of summer in Miami .. the colors of my youth. A reminder it isn't over.


Because of dust storms and the poor conditions for formation of Cape Verde storms near Africa.. this is setting up a pattern where incredibly strong, beautifully formed Cape Verde Waves roll off of Africa..with great low pressure centers attached and they don't form ... they move west.. and crawl under the radar so to speak.. they form.. they fall apart..they get killed off and like some heroine on One Life to Live.. they show up really close to home. They reform close in like the last few have ... and the water is very hot and they have the ability to create strong Major Canes that "surprise us"

Note.. when a storm forms far out at sea... gets too big..too fast..more often than not they recurve safely out to sea.. only a few get through to put the US coastline in danger.

But.. because this year.. the waves are struggling through..not caught up in the strong currents that would take them out to be "fish storms" they are carried along by lower level currents that go west, west..west.. in under radar so to speak and when they finally find the right place to develop.. WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAAM sort of storms form and they get in your face, up close and personal much faster than if they had simply formed far out .. near Africa and traveled along recurving up the middle of the Atlantic.. infact if they get into the Carib... they will go west, west..form and then catch cold fronts up into the Florida area in October and well.. it is far from over and an odd set of conditions are making this coming September a September to Remember... and don't think it can't happen because it couldn't possibly happen after all of this.. It can.. it will..

So watch and learn and think what you would do.. might do.. may have to do.. sooner rather than later..

post from HurrCity below..
Posted by bobbistorm on 8/30/2005, 3:15 pm, in reply to "Re: Dealing with Shock and Awe"User logged in as: Bobbistorm
yes it is very overwhelming..

all day watching water rising.. it is about to go over the rooftops.. was lower..getting higher

everything you said.. you said as always.. so well

as for the looters.. this is how i feel and wrote you but will post it here

let them lootlet them take it back to their houses that are partially under water..their apartment houses in crappy parts of town about to go under and soon to be condemned
who the hell cares at this point.. there is no real stopping it and to try right now wastes energy better used to find people dying who can be saved

so they took a produce case.. no one is coming back for itif they found food.. any kind let them keep itif they found a bunch of ipods.. or clothes or who knows.. let them take it

businesses with insurance will have written it off.. and no one is coming in anytime soon

businesses without insurance.. are not coming back

homes.. people left and knew if the worse happened.. it was gone

im not condoning it... not on any moral level but watching a bunch of kids (along with adults) happily carrying off crap acting like they found a buried treasure and worrying on it right now.. is wasted energy

wasted time....dont even show it on the news

use all energy possible to save whoever you can because from what I have heard.. they cannot stop the leak and the water will rise til its equal with the lake......

let God take care of the looters its one thing we dont need to see on tv(talking new orleans.. not mississippi.. let the cute gov shoot to kill good luck)

its awesome, its shockingand for all of us.. its a nightmare we knew would happen
and a train wreck watched in slow motion

let the gov of mississippi try
the mayor of new orleans is watching dead bodies floating by while on his survey of his town


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