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Monday, August 29, 2005

Jambalaya Stew.. Bobbi Style

Coffee reduced liver cancer and helps in Alzheimers and Parksinsons. But, it is a drug... you can get a withdrawal if you give it up. I guess the message here is DONT GIVE IT UP!!

I learned this fact mind you while going through the channels and seeing a few minutes of Oprah before turning it off. Thought..yeah for soap operas and Oprah they went back to regular programming. Hey Jerry Stiller is doing a commercial for General Motors to use children's seats in cars. He's cute.. cuter than his son. Oh .. look Jason commercial for McArthur Dairy. Real TV.. look at that... going back to the news channels.. I do not want to see the nonstop commercials for the Fall Line Up. It's one those things I will do after eventually going into day if I can find a shrink who would believe my life.

Sitting here drinking a Dr. Pepper and watching a candle slowly burn down.. trying to relax southern style..

So.. back to MSNBC... heavy wind and torrential rain.

Putting my new Beatles CD back on... video from the storm affected areas is awesome but predictable. I think what isn't as "normal" is that the area was so large because Katrina was such a big, big girl.

Bush didn't let go of the reserves.. guess he is waiting to see how bad it really is ... or for Al Kaida to attack. Sorry.. what can I say? I am a very liberal republican.. or am I a.. conservative democrat? Is there a purple party? Will see... maybe he will open up the reserves.. and if not we will go on. Right now it's more important to save lives in the area where flooding is going on and people may be trapped in their homes or cars or... where ever than to get political.
In a mood.. listening to the CD and it's getting to me in ways it shouldn't.
la, la, la.. Life Goes On.. love that song. Always did but lately.. bugs me. Al the shrinks in the world and you walk into my life.. oh sorry...wrong movie.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo... Katrina is racing on through the back hills of Missippi on her date with Tennessee. Heard it said she has the perfect ingredient list to spawn lots of Twisters..
I lit a candle with little cedar chips in it.. and it's going out.. finally, can really smell the cedar and sage.. sweet smells...breathing in.. breathing out..

life goes on..

Stay calm Bobbi... stay calm... do not let hate or anger or pain into your life.

So.. daughter called in from NY.. needs weather loops.. needs better loops.. she is going to Montreal for Shabbos.. nice. Wondering if its a wedding, a camp out in the woods there... a chance to do Henna tatoos and pay for her trip.. what is she doing going to Montreal?
Shayna called.. wants to know if they are really getting all that rain later in the week...

Wow... candle is going crazy.. think all the little cedar/sage pieces just caught fire.. big bonfire..

Oldest son sent me some blog links.. I'm too tired to click.

Howie from the Hurricane Center.. the one with the cute guys ;) lol, giggling... well... he asked me if he cheered me up with the cute photos of funny sayings? Nah not really.. cute.. more cheered up by his other correspondence regarding the remnants of 13.. lol laughing..
oh yeah... mr postman...

wow this is really burning up HIGH.. should I like make a wish or run and get a fire distinguisher..

Good question asked on local news... No.. if you are living in Florida and don't have electric yet.. no this will not affect our recovery. The FPL crews restoring power in Miami before going out to Mississippi and other places to help them. People called in.. worried.

Speaking of power.

Here is one for you... a big wire went down..down the block that links to the back pole behind my house. (My kids are reading this and giggling) and FPL came out on Friday morning and immediately put BIG YELLOW WARNING FLAGS on it.. it is hanging low across the street.. talking low... forgot it was out there I need to go take pictures. And.. it is a BIG cable that runs across the street next to my house. I think that means STAY OUT!!!But ... looked out the window this morning and see all these idiots with big oversized vans.. the ones that scream "look at me, I spent a lot of money on this and I don't care how much the cost of gas is.." and they are playing limbo with it.. driving directly under it.. or driving up on the side of the grass where the low hanging electric wires are hanging .. barely clearing it. Now what I find most interesting about this is.. the small and medium size cars that could get under probably okay.. they back up, turn around.. the big MOMMA big flame there rising real high.. must be like four inches.. I should pray or something.. make a wish.. Well...the BIG VANS .. ATV type vehicles are the only ones trying to go around it.. like no wire gonna keep me out. Insanity... and most of those cars have people in the "community" packed with little kids.. and what are they teaching their children??? Oh, you don't have to pay attention to THOSE LAWS.. only OUR Laws.. Teaching their children to put tons of fences around the Torah but they can't respect a yellow caution flag fence that FPL put up to stay clear and be careful.. People... they are a whole book unto themselves and communities like this come with their own instruction book and I guess since they aren't breaking any Torah laws.. they can crawl their big fat vans under the Yellow Caution Lines..

Annoyed... things like that bug me..

The flame is dying..smoking I love you more... stopping to send silent prayers as the smoke sifts up

I love you more... my life.. I love you more.. whimsical song..

Afraid of what comes next... smiling.. oh ..........smiling.. big smile.

Monkees.. Jr. High.. big smile.. wake up sleepy jean.. Cheer up sleepy jean oh what can it mean to a daydream believer and a Homecoming Queen :) Smiling.. you once thought of me as a white knight on a steed... rolling eyes..

you know when you have those little daisy flowers and you pull the leaves off.. periwinkles they are called...

i love him....i hate him....i love him....i hate him.....i love him....i hate him

Katrina is well into Jackson Mississippi after coming all the way north from Jackson Square.. daydream believer and a homecoming queen..

The daylight pictures show mass devastation if you call blown out windows mass devastation and cars floating in the muck that is on the streets of New Orleans

giggling.. Henry the 8th I am.. laughing.. 2nd verse same as the first lol

Life is a funny collage of bad and good and sometimes very funny. Giggling .. love this song..
Will always love this song. When I was about 13 or so we made a backyard talent show....and I stood on a little surfboard and sang and wiggled my very cute little butt with my very young growing shape.. bouncing around.. singing this song in what passed back then for a bikini. But as cute as I looked singing it.. as much as the guys in the neighborhood enjoyed it... never will ever enjoy hearing it as much as the time that my crazy friend in their crazy outfit.. ummm whatever sang it and insisted I tell them who sings this song. There we were driving down the street.. and they turn their head sideways and smile and insist.. (mind you I had been bitching at that time to someone else that my boyfriend was always asking me who sings this and who sings that and am tired of being asked.. I dance I don't know who sings what.... like the ex-boyfriend Herman did.. ) so there we were .... in the car...and as the car is racing down the street..they turn to me and go ..."OH I BET YOU KNOW WHO SINGS THIS SONG" (mind you had never told them about Herman.. they just knew... some snitch told them maybe.. ) and... I start acting like some contestant on Name That Tune.... lol screaming out "OKay, Okay... Herman Hermits" (pissed a bit at the Herman reference... ) and then, no .. no... no little Bobbi HAS to get it right. so I start fumbling for the cute lead singers name... no no not Herman ..not Herman's Hermits.. he had a name.. it was.............ummmmm and scream up real loud:Peter!!!!! Peter (what the hell does someone have a name that says no one huh???) and turn up and look at them and they are driving along not looking.. sort of like that scene in Dukes of Hazzard when he wants the cousin to apologize and the cute guy who looks like Jim lol keeps saying "say your sorry" and the car is going foward and well... boy did I feel soooooo stupid. Giggled.. was pissed. So pissed. Was funny as hell. Funnier than anything you will ever see in any movie everywhere... PETER NOONE. lol stupid blonde guy.. Peter Noone.. the guy behind Hermans Hermits...

A great moment.. finally they smuggly turned fowardand kept driving... safely again.. and I stared out the other window annoyed as hell and muffled a smile. One of the funniest moments of my life.. crazy people... including me because I put up with it.. still trying to look out the other window and not let them see I am laughing with tears in my eyes.. Yes Virginia.. Peter sings Herman's Hermits lol giggling.

Think I have gone past the point of exhaustion here...

I want to hold your hand...........

Well that is the point of this...

Life is sometimes good, sometimes bad.. sometimes crazy.. sometimes sad and ..........sometimes a storm comes up and follows the path that all other storms before her have forsaken or not even tried to take.. the path that brought her into the City of New Orleans and just before it hits.. SHE SHE SHE lgiglging (family joke) and SHE.. swerves right... just enough to save New Orleans from total devastation ...

Sure a lot of windows got blown out and sadly.. people will die.. you know the death toll will climb... and they will have to dry out the city, fix it up... put the windows back in... rebuild... deal with crappy construction workers who try to take advantage and good ones who do good work and is a mixed bag and you cannot always outrun the storm. You can't always fool everyone all of the time but you can fool some of the people some of the time and ... sometimes people just pretend they are fooled because they don't want to pull the mask off the ole Lone Ranger when Tonto isn't around.. be kind.

Going off.. giving up... Take the Last Train to Clarksville roling on the floor, can't type.. oh no no no no...

Love him......Hate him.....Love him....Hate him

I'll be back later when I have something worthwhile blogging. Going over to play with the boys at Hurrcity and peak around to see what Clark has posted on where I post undercover..

One last thing.... I have it on very good authority that Lex Luthor killed off Tropical Depression #13 a little tooo soon and well... keep watching the remnants of 13...

McArthur Park.. Richard Harris.. beautiful.. and am very happy that New Orleans did not melt in the dark ...all the sweet green icing .. and felt like it was the cake that was left out in the rain... and it is still there.. and I plan on going there soon... (yellow cotton dress.. rolling eyes) and ... I plan on going there sometime soon.. somehow.. don't know how.. but I will.
Some things in life you shouldn't put off forever...comes a time you have to take a stab in the dark and go for it.. grab the brass ring, sing.. dance.. There is a time for everything unto heaven... and that means there must be a time to go to New Orleans.. with someone who will appreciate it as much as I would.. and listen to real Dixieland Jazz..

There will be another song for me.. for I will sing it.. there will be another dream for me.. someone who dreams.. I will drink the wine when it is warm and never let you catch me looking at the sun

and after all the loves in my life.. after all the loves in my love.. i will think of you

and be wondering ...................why...
later Bobbi


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