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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Final Thoughts For the Evening...

I don't know what to say tonight so going to toss out some random thoughts.. you weave them into whatever shape and form you can put them in.

Watching IR and radar... it has begun. Not the core of 150 mph winds or even 100 but it has begun. Katrina is moving onshore.. towards the coast and give or take 5mph she isn't changing much in strength.

Daughter came in.. 13 years old.. she stared at the TV and said.. "its the size of Texas."
Youngest son asked me wake him. He follows weather. Wants to be awake to see the eye come onshore. Daughter upset but he told her he likes weather.. wants to see it.

There is no school tomorrow in Miami.This is important because if you watch the MTV awards you will buy a lot of nice packaged PR to highlight Miami and Lord knows we can use the revenue. No..the city is not put back together. School is closed. Too many trees down and uprooted, some damage on campuses.. portables with roof damage.. trees went through windows..they are still cleaning up. We will be fine.. just well.. all is not well and that was a cat one when Katrina was young.

Love my bedroom. Very comfortable in here staring at the TV and listening to Drudge and watching loops and yet... my mind is everywhere.. all over the place.
Hurricanes do that to you.. collectively we are in fact (as Drudge said) watching this disaster unfold.

Meant what I said about putting away money and sending it somewhere.

I remember after Hugo someone on TV.. maybe Oprah made this request that everyone watching the broadcast send a Dollar or something. Every act adds up.. every dollar adds up.
Remember what I said about the unthinkable happening. The good, the bad.. the ugly, the beautiful. Every day has its hour.. every flower has its day.. what goes around comes around and like the wheel of fate... tonight is their night but somehow... someway.. they will dance again. Dixieland will play again.

My best friend Linda who passed away when we were young went to New Orleans for her honeymoon. She wanted to go on a showboat. She did. She usually got to do what she wanted to do.. except for surviving cancer. Always so happy she got to do that. She loved it. She loved the whole honeymoon and well.. good, good for her. Hope her husband who I believe remarried but been out of touch.. hope he remembers.

Everyone should have a beautiful honeymoon. Something to remember. Some beautiful perfect time in your life. But, better if you live and don't die from cancer..hodgkins disease and enjoy looking back on it together with your spouse after many years of marriage.

While we are talking morbid. My Uncle Oscar.. one of the most important men in my life.. ever.. like a second father went to New Orleans for a big law case when I was young. He had one son, my cousin who I think of like a brother at times.. and me.. like his daughter. He brought me a charm bracelet that I finally lost in some move somewhere. Had a streetcar charm, a sugar bowl charm.. it was so nice. So special. I felt so grown up. And, he brought me a box of pralines that tasted like heaven.. the best pralines I ever had. We used to watch the Sugar Bowl together.. and the Gator Bowl. He was a Gator fan.. he went to UF.. way back when all the boys when to UF and the girls went to USF. Long time ago..

Why do disasters make you remember personal disasters..

Going to give this up and go to bed. Drudge is right.. humidity will be 100%, power will go off... no one will know for sure what is going on and you can kiss your ass goodbye and ...cry... or pray.. or drink the night away.

Watching Fox coverage. I just refuse to believe it will be as bad as they say it will.
Call it denial..go on.

Either way.. not much else I can say but pray... hope... faith and charity?

Going off.. I'll be back tomorrow.Same bat place, same bat channel.. oh I am dating myself.
Smiling.. hey no one else dating me but really rather date a prince than a frog that will always be a frog. Fairy tales only come true in Disney World and I'm going to go off..and wrap myself up in some beautiful music that was a present... as close as I can get to musical heaven and considering where the music came from... its a real gift from the heart.

Nite. Bobbi
ps.....don't forget.. out there somewhere is TD 13... waiting to be Lee


At 10:18 PM, Blogger Sean Dustman said...

Stay safe, hope you make it out alright.


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